Please Send Clue to Boston!

Ok, let’s recap what happened yesterday. Bunch of Mooninite Light-Brights created a mass hysteria, and media outcry in Boston. The officials hunted down the innocent people involved in the viral marketing scheme, arrested them, and sent bunch of media hounds out to make embarrassing speeches about terrorism, security, and etc…

In the meantime some dude planted fake pipe bombs in a hospital, and no one really cared enough to actually arrest him or press charges. These were no Light-Brights mind you, but very realistic looking replicas, that for safety reasons had to be detonated by the bomb squad.

This makes total sense.

You arrest the people responsible for a silly viral marketing campaign and you proceed to make this a huge deal in the media claiming that “there is no way to overreact” to a bomb threat.

But when someone plants actual fakes, and creates a very real bomb scare in a hospital, no one even bothers to arrest the guy. Was Boston PD to busy searching for deadly Light-Brights to actually take a real bomb situation seriously.

Can we please export some of the clue to Boston? If you have any spare clue lying around, just stuff it in the envelope and send it to Boston city hall.

The magnitude of this two-fold total extreme power fail is so intense that I’m afraid that if Boson fails one more time this year, it will collapse upon itself, and create a black hole of complete and utter fail.

We already have one of those centered around George W. Bush in DC, and another ever expanding one named The Jack Thompson Failure Chasm. Do we really need another one?

STFU, and get off my news cause you suck at terror prevention like no one else.

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