The Lost Symbolism

Lost fans assemble! Seriously, Work kicked my ass, and I don’t have anything useful to post, so I’m just gonna go and play HL2 for a while to unwind. In the meantime you people go read this interesting post on symbolism in recent episodes of Lost. Or if you are lazy I will give you a super condensed version (my information compression is lossy, so go read the whole thing for more):

J. Wood notes that Juliet’s mark looks a little bit like the Rosicrucian Cross. Rosicrucians were a secret esoteric, mystical order established in 17th century. The served as a model for many later secret societies such as free masons and etc.. I’m still processing this stuff but it is very interesting.

Also, this is Rosicrucian chart:

Rosicrucian Chart

And here is the map from the Swan blast door. Note that if you remove all the writing and markings, the lines drawn in the background create a shape very similar to the chart above:

Swan Blast Door MapSwan Blast Door Map With Detail Removed

What does this all mean? I have no clue. Possibly nothing, or perhaps something very significant. From J. Wood:

The Rosicrucians also were followers of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who also held to a very mystical cosmology. Pythagoras believed in the transmigration of souls, sacred geometry, and that concepts and matter could be represented numerically. At this point, the Valenzetti equation should come to mind, because that’s exactly what each of the 4 8 15 16 23 and 42 numerals are meant to represent.

Both DHARMA and Rosicrucian order had similar goals – to aid humanity in it’s growth and development through their secret work on the esoteric mysteries of the universe.

Of course I realize that many of these theories are just wild goose chases… Even if these references are completely unintended, I still enjoy reading them. They help me to experience the show on a completely different level than than a casual viewer.

And you have to give credit to the creators of the show for giving us all this material to meticulously analyze, and theorize about each week – intentionally or not. :)

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