I think I want a Koala!

I think I want a Koala! No, not the bear you silly people. What the hell would I do with Koala bear. Although, I have to admit it would be kinda awesome conversation piece. Chicks dig little cute fuzzy critters like that too so it possibly could get me laid or something.

“Oh, that? That’s just my Koala bear. He eats eucalyptus leafs and poops golden nuggets. Yup, that’s what they do. So…. You wanna do it?”

Yup, it would be quite awesome. Quite awesome indeed. But I digress… What I wanted to talk about is this:

Koala WhiteKoala Black

Koala is a mini desktop system from System 76 that imitates the Mac Mini in shape and size. It has decent hardware specs for it’s size, comes preloaded with Ubuntu (Edgy) and sells for $600. I’m tempted to buy it because of the size. Right now, I’m strapped for space and I have no where to put another computer. But I could just plop Koala anywhere, and since it is a Linux machine it could basically run headless. It also has wifi, so all I really need is to set it up once, then just plug it into a power socket and I have a running linux server that takes virtually no space.

I would essentially use as an SSH server which would be the entry point to my network from the outside. I could probably also run several other services on it for my personal use.

Yes, I could buy a Mac Mini for the same price, but I already decided that I will most likely buy a MacBook at some point this year and I kinda really want a Linux machine running in the house. And I totally want to support a business which sells Linux based systems – there are so few of them these days.

Does anyone here have any experience with System 76? How is their hardware? Are they reliable? Do they offer decent support and warranty? Let me know.

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  1. Cameron AUSTRALIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Can I just point out that it is not a ‘koala bear’. Look up the name. Sorry to be picky, but koala bear is just incorrect.

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