Everyone seems to be really loving Tumblr these days. It is yet another Web 2.0 service that lost a vowel to gain the cool factor. So I decided to make my own Tumblr blog. Feel free to check it out at terminally-incoherent.tumblr.com. If I really like it and use it often I will probably move it to a subdomain here (for example tumblr.terminally-incoherent.com or something like that). :)

The thing about Tumblr is that it is incredibly simple to use. You can essentially create new entries with a bookmarklet the same way you bookmark websites in delicious. Only Tumblr bookmarklet is intelligent enough to recognize what you are submitting. For example if you hit a Youtube video, it will automatically embed it for you. If you are posting an image, it will size it appropriately, and link back to the site from which it came from. It’s all essentially one click posting.

It also can integrate with just about any other website out there that generates feeds. So for example, my Tumblr will automatically repost all the del.icio.us bookmarks and Flickr images I submit at any given time. In fact you can use Tumblr to create something that Ara talked about recently: your own life stream or master feed which will incorporate every single of your existing RSS feeds. And you can do it the easy way without much hacking, or using the Yahoo Pipes service.

Of course it is also very limited in the way it can be customized, and it does not allow comments which makes it a poor community building tool.

I’m planning to use Tumblr for posting very random vids and images which do not really fit the format of this blog. I will still post the best stuff (ie. stuff that I would like to comment on) here, but if I find an amusing meme, or a really retarded vid I will just dump it on Tumblr.

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  1. Starhawk UNITED STATES Mozilla Ubuntu Linux says:

    I finally gave in to the tumblr craze. Seems like a good way to store images and stuff like as opposed to filling up my bookmarks with garbage. My bookmarks are already a mess due to shit like that. anyway http://starhawk.tumblr.com/ if anyone cares

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  2. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Yup, that’s what I essentially use it for. One downside is no good search feature so finding your image might be difficult if you post often. :)

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