Oh no! It’s a C’Tan!

You might have seen this image in /dev/random feed (btw, there is a link to it in thesidebar now):

img found @ knuttz.net

This is actually a sculpture by an artist who goes by Pierre Matter. Pierre doesn’t seem to have a website of his own which is kinda lame. But Opera Gallery has some info on him and a pretty good samples of his work.

I’m showing you this to illustrate a point. Normal person will look at this and think about how this sculpture juxtaposes the organic, and technological elements. Perhaps find some sort of angelic figure rising out of dark and twisted bowels of machinery. Maybe they will find this to be a statement about technology in general? Or perhaps they will just see it as a cool, sci-fi sculpture.

But when I look at it, I instantly go “ZOMG! It’s a fucking C’Tan!”

I don’t know how big that sculpture is, but I would shrink it to about 6″ in size, and plop it on the battlefield in seconds. :) Yes ladies and gentlemen. Once you get the Warhammer bug, there is no going back. Your mind will be irreversibly warped by the sheer awesomeness of that game.

And yes, I do think that the C’Tan background is a wee bit lame, but they are part of the 40K cannon now so I guess we just need to get used to them.

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