Exceuce me, can you take our picture?

Most of the simple digital photo cameras are essentially the same. They all have a lens that you point at your target, a viewing apparatus of some sort and a big button that needs to be pressed to take a picture. But every time you ask someone to take a picture of you they act as if this was the first time they have ever seen a camera.

It usually goes kinda like this:

How do I work this thing?

Excuse me, can you take our picture?

How do you work it? Just press that button. Yeah, the big one underneath your finger. The big one! Exactly!

Wait, no, not that one. The one right there on the left! Yes, just press it.

No, wait… Don’t give it back to me yet. I don’t think ti took the picture. There was no flash, and no clicking sound. I don’t think you pressed the button all the way in. Try again….

See, you didn’t press it hard enough. Just press it down harder. Don’t worry you are not going to break it. I promise. Seriously.

Yes, it’s the big button. No, not the small one – go back. The big one… Agh… No… Don’t use the one on the side. That’s the off button. Wait… I think you just powered it down.

Ok, let me see. Yes, it is off. Let’s switch it back on. Now when I give it back to you, just point it at us, and press this button right here. Yes this one. The big, round button. Not the small rectangular one. Not the one on the side. Not this one on the front. Big round one.

I think you’re doing it to fast again. Just press it hard and hold it. Yes… Hold it in for a second. No! Use the big round one like I showed you. That switch over there is the zoom. Don’t press that. Press the big round one. Ok, ready?

You just shut it down again, didn’t you? That’s ok, don’t worry about it. Let’s power it up again. Remember, use the big round button. Let’s try this again. Ready? Cheese!

And you switched it off again. Ok, give it back and leave. Just leave. No, I don’t need a picture anymore. Thank very much but no, you can’t try again. You can leave though. Bye. Well, you’re an asshole too buddy!

Sigh… I don’t get it. Its’ almost as if handing someone a camera was causing some temporary brain damage. One minute they are fine, and then boom! They act as if they had a full frontal lobotomy?

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