Monster Weekend (but not for me)

Here is a slightly amusing bit of trivia you may or may not know. This week is the super-long weekend time in Poland. Here is why:

Tue, May 1 – Labor Day (public holiday)
Wed, May 2 – Polish Flag Day
Thu, May 3 – Polish Constitution Day (public holiday)

Flag Day is not a public holiday which means you don’t get a day off. However, it falls between two public holidays, and so traditionally many businesses and institutions close on that day.

Most people in Poland will come to work only Monday and Friday this week. Most people who planned ahead will also be able to take the Monday off turning it into a 6 day weekend. If you can also get Friday off, you got yourself a nice vacation.

Needless to say no business will be getting done in Poland this week. Now if we could transplant this awesome concept of “two public holidays in one week” onto American soil…

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