Jade Empire: Outlander (Sir Roderic) Bug Workaround

Last week when I reviewed Jade Empire: Special Edition I mentioned that I encountered a strange bug in the side Outlander side quest. When you defeat Sir Roderic in a debate, and it’s time for combat you are taken to a different location. Then when the combat starts, the floor and wall textures in that location seem to be missing. Sir Roderic just stands there and your character keeps spinning in place. This bug seems to be relatively common and easily replicated on the PC.

I found some suggestions on possible workarounds at the official JE forums. I can confirm that the following solution proposed in the linked thread worked for me:

  1. Right after you defeat Roderic in debate, tell him you need more time to prepare for combat
  2. Pull up the options screen
  3. Go into Audio Options
  4. Turn Reverb to OFF
  5. Go back to the game and talk to Roderic
  6. Once you defeat him, you can turn the reverb back on

Changing resolution or other options did nothing for me. However from the mentioned thread I’m guessing this bug might be triggered by some hardware specific conditions that can be related both to the sound card or the video card.

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2 Responses to Jade Empire: Outlander (Sir Roderic) Bug Workaround

  1. :) Thats why I play GOOD games… like americas army.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I think I downloaded AA once, and did couple of the training missions. Then I tried to join some server to play multilayer and it kept crashing while trying to download and install punkbuster or whatever it was called.

    After several attempts to actually make the game work, I went back to playing Call of Duty for my multiplayer-shooter fix. :)

    Every game has bugs. JE is actually pretty decent if you are into RPG’s. It has kept me occupied for the last few weeks.

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