Twitter is useless to me.

Every time I try to post something on Twitter lately I see this:

Twitter Down

Either that, or an internal server error. I have been twittering less and less in the last month or two – but at this point I hardly use it anymore. Every time I get around to post something it is down. I have an account on Jaiku that I hardly ever use. Maybe I should switch to that?

Anyone knows what the hell is going on with twitter lately? I know they were getting hammered hard with traffic, but for some time there seemed like they got the hand of it, and worked out how to load balance and cache everything.

I’m really interested in Twitter because it is a great case study in using Ruby to handle a high traffic social network. It seems that they are slipping now – I’m curious to see if this is because of problems scaling up Ruby on Rails, or is it something completely unrelated to the language and platform of their choice.

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  2. Garrick UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I forgot all about the catz. I guess we have all been on Twitter too long.

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