Fox News Produces Epic LULZ

This is about the funniest thing I have seen on the interwebs in a while:

youtube link

My reflections on the video:

  1. Fox News needs to LURK MOAR
  2. Even Fox obeys rules 1 and 2
  3. Hackers on Steroids on my /b/? LOMAO!
  4. The Lulz Killer guy did not say enough memes. I was waiting for barrel roll, bringing back snacks and bell air. Such a waste.
  5. That exploding car “demonstration” was priceless.

You got to love the overblown media sensationalism, over-exaggeration and unnecessary fear mongering. This is the proverbial “making a mountain out of a mole hill”. But then again, what else would you expect from Fox.

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6 Responses to Fox News Produces Epic LULZ

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  2. Matt` UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    hehe.. “demonstration”..

    and the meme picture at the end, I kinda doubt that was ever on this anonymouse website they kept going on about, looks like one of those demotivational posters to me

    oh, and the guard dog looked too friendly to me, like he was just jumping at a biscuit held behind the camera – that little growl sounded more like “gimme the biscuit” than “I gonna kill your face”

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  3. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Btw, here is an explanation for the uninitiated:

    Anonymous is not a group. Anonymous is sort of a meme that originated on english language futaba image boards like 4chan, 7chan and etc which allow anonymous posting. Every time someone posts an image or a comment and leaves name/email fields blank it will appear as posted by “Anonymous”. Some boards force anonymous posting for one reason or another.

    Hence, Anonymous is everyone and no one. Anonymous never forgives, never forgets, always delivers and etc… Anonymous is a group think of a given board.

    And yes – there were demotivational posters there, because that’s what gets posted on most of these boards like 90% of the time: demotivators, silly memes, hentai, porn and etc.

    Ocassionally they raid other communities to post memes and obscenities. And sometimes someone posts bunch of pished myspace passwords and people who were stupid enough to fall for it get their accounts “altered” in creative ways.

    Hardly “hackers on steroids” stuff.

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  4. Anonymous AUSTRALIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I like how the guy he’s interviewing makes it obvious that “Anonymous” is more than one person but the guy doing the report continues on as though it’s a single person called “Anonymous” to continue the fear-mongering nonsense.

    Pretty typical of Faux Noise

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  5. Anonymous SWITZERLAND Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    That Fox clip is sensationalistic, but is threatening someone to slit his throat still funny? I hope the caller was caught.

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  6. NickC AUSTRALIA Opera Linux says:

    Three years later…
    Fox have had YouTube pull the video. You can add that to your DMCA rants postings, if you like.

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