Site Outage and Commenting Problem

Two quick announcements regarding the site performance.

Yesterday I was messing around with the .htaccess and mod_rewrite for a post that will probably hit the blog on Monday. I inadvertently broke WordPress permalinks in the process and so no one was able to leave comments. Ooops! And I was wondering how come I have almost a hundred votes in today’s poll but not a single comment… Damn you Apache and you mysterious ways! Damn you all the way to hell.

Today my host aptly named Dreamhost (as in “you can only dream about hosting your website here for a month without any downtime”) decided to have a big outage. So, if you couldn’t get to the site all day, it’s their fault.

Actually it’s kinda funny – their status blog where they post notifications about downtimes is currently down. Go figure.

Combine this with a Twitter outage, and some odd Tumblr hiccup and you can kinda see that Today was not a very good day for me.

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