Sunday Mix

Here are some links for your enjoyment. This time they are addictive flash games:

  • Xeno Tactic – yet another tower defense game. This one has an Alien theme, and lets you use your towers to route the enemies certain way
  • Gravity Pods – the object of the game is simple – shoot the goal with your cannon. The game utilizes special gravity traps that will change the trajectory of your projectile. Simple, yet addictive.
  • Protect – you have an armored base with a directional shield. You must protect it by using the shield to deflect the rockets and bullets fired from enemy tanks against them.
  • Boxors – you have to put the bock into the hole by rolling and flipping it. This game will waste so much of your time it’s not even funny.
  • 9 Dragons – collapse like game where you try to line up hexagonal tiles of the same color in lines of 3 or more by swapping two adjacent ones at the time.


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  1. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hehe! Sand game FTW. That thing is really addictive. :)

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  2. I also learned some basic modding of files though this game with the released source.

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