MySQL Admin 1.0.19: libmysqlx.dll Error

I noticed that on one of the servers the MySQL Admin was behaving weird. When you tried to inspect the schema of some tables by double clicking on it’s icon it would generate the following error:

Access violation at address [address in hex] in module ‘libmysqlx.dll’. Read of address 00000000

Here is a screenshot of the error dialog:

MySQL Admin Error

Some tables would trigger this error, while some others wouldn’t. Quick investigation revealed that this server was recently upgraded to MySQL Server 5.0. The MySQL Admin apparently was not upgraded and was still at version 1.0.19. I checked the most recent builds of MySQL GUI tools and the version of the Admin application in the bundle was 1.2.12.

I upgraded the package, and the error went away. Apparently the error was caused by some kind of mismatch between what the database was actually doing vs what the old version of Admin expected it to do.

I saw this error being posted in several places online so I figured I will put it here and provide a definite solution: upgrade to the most recent version of MySQL Administrator.

In before “real men use the command line client… On linux!” – I do too. But MySQL Admin is sometimes useful for setting up db dumps, or quickly changing table settings that I don’t remember SQL commands for (like encoding for example). Plus, I can’t stand when shit is not working – even if it’s something I don’t use very often.

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