Random Adsense Adds

Google cracks me up sometimes. Sometimes their ads are right on the money – relevant to the topic that it’s scary. The other times… Well, see for yourself.

I found this one in a post about the Google Reader:

Google Reader

This one was in a post about Remote Desktop and VNC:

Remote Desktop and VNC

This was in a post on Perl scripting:

Perl Scripting

If these would show up on some of my review posts, or ones with jokes or random shit in them I would not bat an eyelash. But these were on fairly focused posts related to technology. I don’t think either one of them even mentioned parenting, love or animation… Is Google trying to tell me something here?

Find love, make children, watch animation. OMG, what if Google became sentient, and now is secretly trying to convince us to breed more using subliminal messages? I mean, someone has to build and maintain it’s servers so I can see how it would be concerned with the birth rates and such. For one, I welcome our Googly overlords.

Then again, maybe Google Adsense AI is still to stupid to parse my incoherent ramblings here. ;)

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  1. ned UNITED STATES Opera Windows says:

    Good stuff, google is halarious sometimes

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