Comment subscriptions may be b0rked for some

Quick note for those of you who use Gmail and rely on the comment subscription thingymajig to follow the discussions around here. There seems to be some weird bottleneck when relaying emails to gmail accounts, which seems to be affecting the comment subscription system. If you haven’t received any comment notifications today blame Dreamhogs. I was wondering why my email is being so quiet today. There was not a single notification message in my inbox today.

I sent Dreamhost an email, but they are pretty much like:


I don’t have a clue how long will this persist. I’m hoping it will get cleared by tomorrow, but who knows. I’ll keep you updated. If you are not using Gmail, you will probably be unaffected by this. If you are not on Gmail and you are not getting any notifications, let me know, and I’ll go and yell at Dremroast some more.

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7 Responses to Comment subscriptions may be b0rked for some

  1. Jake UNITED STATES Konqueror Linux says:

    Oh, okay. That makes sense. I have a dedicated folder in K-Mail that receives all of your comment notifications, and it has seemed a bit empty lately.

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  2. jambarama UNITED STATES Epiphany Linux Terminalist says:

    I have a filter that archives and labels all such emails – I check it periodically. I hadn’t noticed yet, but I see now you’re definitely right. Do you think enough people missed the checkbox and marked these emails spam? I checked my spam box, and it was clear (of these emails), so I guess that can’t be it. Good luck getting that all straightened out!

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  3. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Well, my personal theory is that some asshats were using dreamhost accounts for sending massive amounts of spam via their servers. Google in turn blacklisted them, or decided to throttle down the mail traffic from dreamhost to a barely noticeable trickle. But then again, who knows what the hell are they doing there…

    Btw, I just got a single notification few minutes ago. It was on a comment from like 11am today so it seems that things are moving, albeit very, very slowly.

    In the meantime I guess could help, if you really need to watch some conversation.

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  4. mike CANADA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    lol, i wish all my vendors had that spider man picture on their customer support websites when i submit a ticket! They could also cue up some sad trombone music with it. Just like that stupid cat fixing the server a la :


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  5. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux Terminalist says:

    I hate that cat. But at least it’s not this cat:


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  6. Jake UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Oh, it seems to be back for me. I got notifications for this post today!

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  7. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    I’m still having trouble with it. Go figure. I’m getting confirmations but they are all from yesterday morning. :P

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