Sunday Posting Suspended

I’ve been running this blog on a 7 day schedule for quite a while now. I pretty much got it down to science, cranking out posts out on time. Recently though I noticed that this self imposed schedule started becoming tiresome. Weekdays are usually fine, but since my weekends tend to be hectic I’m sometime struggling to get these posts out. Obviously this schedule doesn’t work for me anymore. So I decided to decrease my posting frequency a bit to give me some space to breathe.

I’m officially cutting the Sunday posts for now. 6 days a week is still a tight schedule and I may need to drop it down to 5 at some point but not yet. I don’t think I will ever need to go below 5. Hopefully this slight drop in frequency will result in improved quality (ie. more proofreading for example).

Why am I posting this? Because if I don’t I will keep trying to make the 7 day schedule. If it’s out there in writing, I won’t feel guilty for skipping out on a day. ;)

tl;dr version: no more posts on Sunday

As an appeasement offering I leave you with the “Near Death Experiences” sketch by Picnicface:

This one has became like a local meme recently. I don’t think I will ever be able to watch any show or a movie dealing with near death experience with a straight face. :mrgreen:

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