I have my own domain squatters

The other day I got the following email. Curiously, Gmail did not flag it as spam which it probably should. Before you read it though, I strongly advise against actually going to the terminally-incoherent.cn website. It is seriously NSFW. And when I say NSFW I mean serious pr0n with explicit auto-play flash movie clips playing all over the place. Do not open that website at work.

Dear Sirs,

We have terminally-incoherent.cn and found that the domain is pretty useful for you to explore China market. We can really consider selling it out by escrow.com secure transaction if you are interested in it. Please reply to us and discuss the domain tranfer matters. China is the bigger market in the world !Dot.cn domains is a symbol of enterprises in China!10,000,000 .cn domains are been registered!Wish you happy every day, and welcome to our China to travelling. At last,Sorry for the disturb if any.

Best Regards.


Usefulname Technologies

Out of curiosity I decided whether or not that URL is actually used for anything. I was half expecting one of those generic parked domain pages full of advertising banners and or/links. There was also a chance the site could have been spreading mallware but since I was sitting at a Ubuntu machine this did not concern me that much. I really did not expect a hard core pr0n site to be there.

They are not really using the domain to identify the website though. It seems to be a simple domain redirect and the links on the website lead to another address. There are probably dozens of other dresses that redirect to the same place this way. They buy them in bulk, then send funny extortion letters in fractured English. I’m pretty sure that the price they would want for the domain would be much higher than what you usually pay for a .cn domain.

I also love the “company name” on the email. I wonder if they actually chose that name or if someone simply forgot to fill out one of the fields in their bulk mailer software and the emails are going out with the default company name placeholder. Sort of funny either way.

Someone asked me what am I going to do about this. I don’t think I need to do anything. If I was selling something or ran a respectable company, and I needed to watch for the corporate image I might have been concerned that my .cn address redirects to hard core pr0n. But since I use the Terminally Incoherent domain to host a private blog I don’t think this affects me in any way. It’s just sort of funny and I guess flattering in a way. It is still sort of bizarre that someone would want to cash in by using my long, hard to pronounce, and easy to forget domain name.

I really don’t know what I was thinking when I started this blog. I picked two long, easily misspelled words and to make matters worse put a hyphen in between them to make it even harder to recall pretty much guaranteeing that this website will never by passed around by word of mouth.

“So, what was that website you told me about?”
“It’s terminally-incoherent.com… With a hyphen in the middle.”
“Oh… You know, just email me the link then…”

Yeah, kids – that’s me. I think I committed every single cardinal sin of naming your domain when registering it. Hard to pronounce, hard to spell, over 20 characters long, has a hyphen in it, not very catchy and etc… I’ve been thinking about shortening it somehow for a while now but I can’t figure out how. I’d love to just use ti.com but the fuckers at Texas Instruments got that one first. Oh well…

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5 Responses to I have my own domain squatters

  1. freelancer SWEDEN Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I have no problem spelling terminally-incoherent. Also, I think it’s pretty catchy :P

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  2. Steve CANADA Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    You could try terminc.com or terminch.com…they seem available. At least terminch would be easy to spell (tell someone terminc.com and they will thing terminK.com).

    Though, I think if someone has problems spelling Terminally and/or incoherent they are either a) stupid or b) usually posting illiterate comments on Youtube…which is the same as a) come to think of it…. in any event, you don’t really want those people coming here, do you?

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  3. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux Terminalist says:

    @Steve: OMG! I did not realize that my domain name was a build in idiot filter! Awesome!

    I’m not changing it then!

    Oh, and I actually kinda hate both terminc.com and terminch.com – that’s my problem. None of the contractions of these two words that I can think off sounds good to me. :P

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  4. Chris UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Maybe Usefulname Technologies owns ti.cn. You should drop by their office while traveling in their China.

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  5. Adam Kahtava CANADA Google Chrome Windows says:

    LOL… Priceless.

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