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Small Programming Projects

Let me know if this has ever happened to you. Your boss walks up to you and tells you he has a tiny little, itsy, bitsy project for you. He wants you to build a small online application. Nay, a … Continue reading


Youtube Rot

Anyone who has been blogging for at least few years now, can attest to this: Youtube videos sometimes go away after they have been up for a while. Most of the video hosting services do not have policy of deleting … Continue reading


Blog fixed via Upgrade

Just wanted to let everyone know why the blog looks like crap right now. Or rather why do you see the ultra spartan Kubrick theme instead of the bastardized, orange version you are used to. Last night my blog broke … Continue reading


Resurecting the Fansite

Back in the day I used to have a fan site devoted to a pretty Australian actress Gigi Edgley. This is ancient history, and it predates this blog and therefore most of you guys. The website was primitive, clobbered together … Continue reading


Garry’s Mod

Recently, I stumbled upon Concerned – a Half Life 2 based comic, created using the in game locations and character models. It tells a story of Gordon Frohman – a concerned citizen of City 17 and author of one of … Continue reading


File Sharing Sites are Libraries of the Digital Age

Here is a hypothetical scenario for you. Imagine I would want to create a new service – sot of an open data repository. I would simply provide users with space, and some means to catalog and organize the “stuff” they … Continue reading


What is in your pocket?

Let’s talk about the things one might find in your pocket / on your key chain on any given day. I might have done this sort of thing before, I don’t remember. If I did, oh well – we are … Continue reading


Pirate Bay Loses, Piracy Continues as Usual

I was little surprised when I heard about the severe punishment the Swedish court system Hollywood controlled puppet theater handed down to the new heroes of the internet: Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström. I really … Continue reading


Favorite Unix Directory

Lion share of my writing here gets done on the weekends. Some are better than others in terms of productivity. If I can knock out 4 articles during those 2 days it really takes a load off my mind. I … Continue reading


UI Paradigms in Dual Screen Environment

For a few months now I have been working with a dual screen setup. I have built configured up 3-4 screen get ups for several people at the office (usually using VillageTronic VTBook PCIMCIA video cards) and I finally decided … Continue reading


Web Design: Your Front Page Sucks

This scenario happens to me at least once a week if not more often. I see a name of a product, project, movie, video game or just an unfamiliar brand name of some sort and I proceed to google it … Continue reading


TI Extensa Scholar ESS2

My ancient Compaq Presario is gone. You know which one I’m talking about, right? It was the machine that used to run the Nethack server and then was turned into a very lightweight laptop running Hardy with Ratpoison. Well, it … Continue reading


The Only Correct Indent Style

I know we discussed indent styles once before, but I figured we might as well do it again. This time, I figured we might as well make it a poll and see which of these styles appears to be the … Continue reading


Smurf Reproduction

As many of you, I grew up watching The Smurfs on TV. I always wondered how do these damn things reproduce. This is a hotly debated topic out on the Internets, but hardly anyone gives this pressing question enough attention. … Continue reading


Stop Hanging on to Obsolete Software

It is no longer OK to use IE6. If I see it on your screen, I swear that I will hold you down and forcefully install IE8 on your machine. I’m not joking here. I may not be able to … Continue reading


Display Loading Screen while Rendering Large HTML Tables

Here is a problem I’ve been having for a while now: large HTML tables take way to long to render, especially under IE. Why do you use tables, you ask? To display large amounts of data on the screen – … Continue reading


Oblivion: Tips & Tricks

This is going to be yet another Obivion post. I promise that you will only need to suffer at most one more until I’m completely done with this game. This time around I want to talk about useful tips and … Continue reading


April Fools Jokes

I had some really elaborate April Fools joke planned out for today. I wanted to make a cryptic post here, that would link to some random page outside of the blog. I was actually thinking about registering a really weird … Continue reading