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Zeno Clash: Corwids

In this thread we discuss Zeno Clash Corwids! I want to hear your thoughts on these creatures. Well, at least from those of you who played the game. But let’s start from the begging. Let me introduce this mysterious group. … Continue reading

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Zeno Clash

Zeno Clash… How do I describe it? Let me put it this way… When I was a kid, some of my favorite movies were Dark Crystal, Legend, The Labyrinth, Neverending Story and etc.. The 80’s were a great era for … Continue reading

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Bioshock: A man chooses, A slave obeys

Warning: this whole post will contain Major Spoilers. And since quite a few people don’t like the good Major, I figured I’ll warn you. Despite his military rank, the guy can be quite annoying – especially when he tells you … Continue reading

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Fancy Flat URL’s with htaccess

I’m putting this here because it took me a little bit of tweaking to actually get it right. I always forget these .htaccess tricks and have to look them up. So I decided tp preserve this one here so I … Continue reading

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Bioshock: Part 2

Part two of my Bioshock ramble. Sit tight kids, today we will talk about the Fucking Minigames™ and parallels between Bioshock and Super Mario. That Fucking Minigame™ Quick question: who here likes mini games inside of their macro games? Ok, … Continue reading

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Bioshock: Part 1

Crysis was sort of fun, but entirely forgettable so I really didn’t think there was any reason for me to spend more than a single post talking about it. While I enjoyed some of the combat scenarios in the game, … Continue reading

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Twitter Haters

I have been using Twitter since March 2007. When I signed up, few people other that us geeks knew about the service. I remember sending people invites, and getting bewildered emails asking me WTF is this “twidler” thing. You know, … Continue reading

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No more niche TV stations

I was always a big fan of specialized niche TV networks. I always thought that having a network with a clearly defined profile and focus was a win for us TV viewers. If I was in the mood for some … Continue reading

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Firmin is a book about a rat. A very extraordinary rat – a rat intellectual if there is such a thing. Being born in a book store, he learns to supplement his diet with great works of literature. Initially he … Continue reading

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Crysis Warhead

Ok kids, time for a pop quiz. When I’m playing a video game, which of these do I care about: Graphics – it’s all about how the game looks Challenge – if I’m not challenged enough, I get bored Story … Continue reading

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Don’t Copy my Image!

Protip: if you don’t want people taking your images and posting them all over the internet, do not put them online. In fact, do not make them available in an electronic format – ever! Just sell hard copy prints. As … Continue reading

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Recursive Matrix Simulation Experiment

Let’s do a simple thought experiment. Let’s assume that we currently have the hardware and software to build ourselves a matrix like virtual reality simulation that would run on your home PC. It is not a MMO system like the … Continue reading

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Rapid Fire Book Reviews: Flowers for Algernon, Fall of Hyperion, Startide Rising

I have book reviews piling up on me. I could skip them altogether but every time I do something like that I end up regretting it. You see, I like to be able to link to my old reviews and … Continue reading

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Fallout 3: Final Thoughts

Yes, I know – I should be moving on to new and exciting games and reviewing them for you guys. I have that long queue and both Crysis and Bioshock are standing right behind me and tapping me on the … Continue reading

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Magic Item Equivalents in Modern and SF Settings

One of the things that I really enjoy doing in computer RPG games is tweaking and min/maxing my character. Yup, I admit it – deep down inside, I guess I’m still a munchkin who wants to play the ultimate, indefeasible … Continue reading

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Your field is moving so fast! How do you keep up?

I get the weirdest comments regarding my job and/or education sometimes. Let me give you an example. “I don’t envy you Luke,” said my coworker “I mean technology! Man… It moves so fast these days. It’s crazy. I’d never make … Continue reading

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Google Voice

Call me a Google fanboy, but I get excited each time they release a new product. I mean, all their software is free, has simple yet functional UI and usually does whatever it was designed to do very well. It’s … Continue reading

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