Happy Black Friday

Ok, hands up if you have Black Friday off this year? Some people don’t. I do, and I’m glad! Long weekends FTW!

Incidentally, guess what I’m doing on Black Friday this year? Getting up early to catch the best deals and get a jump start on my Christmas shopping? Fuck no! I’m doing this:


That’s right – I’m lying face down, and unconscious in my bed making ZZZ sounds. I am fucking sleeping in. Screw shopping. I went to a store on a Black Friday once and it was not a pleasant experience. It was like playing Left 4 Dead but instead of zombies there were angry housewives and I didn’t even have a weapon to defend myself. Seriously, trying to go shopping today is the closest experience you can get to facing down a zombie horde and survive.

So fuck it I say. I’m using my holiday to relax, play video games and do absolutely fucking nothing.

How about you? Are you going to brave fighting the horde do do some early Christmas shopping? Extra points if you managed to get some geeky swag at discount prices. Feel free to brag in the comments. Also, post disturbing Black Friday shopping stories if you have any.

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4 Responses to Happy Black Friday

  1. Zel FRANCE Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    I do most of my Christmas (or birthdays) shopping on Internet. This way I can usually find unusual things I can’t find in the shops around. As I shop quite a bit online, it’s easy to include the gift with other things I buy so that it remains safely hidden in the package. Plus the prices on some Chinese sites (namely some with a worldwide free shipping policy) for geek stuff are probably the lowest you’ll ever get, if you can stand the long and sometimes random delivery times… It’s a bit risky to order now if you want it for the 24th.

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  2. jambarama UNITED STATES Opera Windows Terminalist says:

    I’ve look at the ads on blackfriday.info each year, and I thought several deals looked good this year, but I didn’t participate.

    Last time I tried to get something (3 years ago now), I queued up at 4:30am, when the store opened at 6:30. It was freezing. As soon as the doors opened, we started to trickle in orderly. But then someone from the back screamed “screw the line.” Chaos broke out in the shopco parking lot. A mob of women in parkas surged forward and pressed against the single open door. Everyone was shouting, and the employees inside looked terrified. And as soon as these middle aged bargain-hunters entered the doors, they sprinted to different areas of the store.

    Turns out shopco only had 2 of the items I had wanted anyhow, and some couple claimed them both. Oh, and some nutbag 50-year-old lady ran over my wife’s foot with a dolly and broke her toe. The woman didn’t even look back. That’s when I decided I’d never do black friday in person again. It is internet or nothing for me.

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  3. jambarama UNITED STATES Opera Windows Terminalist says:

    Hey that was comment #15000!

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  4. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    @ jambarama:

    Sorry, it was actually only #13667. The comment preview function lies for some reason. :P

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