Precursors: somone just made the game that I dreamt up.

Hey, guys – remember that time when I was fantasizing about a game that would be a hybrid of Elite/Frontier and Fallout 3? You know, a game that would combine trading, spaceship simulation, FPS combat and RPG elements – a little dream game of mine that I never expected to actually be made. If not, please go read the original post about it and then come back here. Seriously, I’ll wait.

Ok, now that you read my previous post, check this one. Someone actually made a game that is a bit like that. Here is a trailer and some game play footage:

This game is called Precursors and it seems to be developed by a small independent Russian company. According to their official website (which looks really shitty, BTW – but alas, good programmers tend to be shitty web developers and vice versa) and Wikipedia entry the game was released in Russia on December 4th of last year. I don’t know if or when it will be released in US or even if there is an English language version. And if there is, I really hope they will hired some professionals to do it, because the English section of their website illustrates that they don’t fully grasp all of it’s nuances. It’s readable, but you can see the text was written by non-native speakers.

The website describes the game as:

Freeplay RPG with FPS\Space sim combat and economical component.

Now tell me, isn’t this EXACTLY what I was talking about in my post? I’m excited now. I want to play this game. Someone figure out how I can go about obtaining it. Keep in mind I don’t speak a lick of Russian.

Also, big thanks to Domcoppinger for cluing me in on this.

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  1. Mart SINGAPORE Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    The title reminds me of the awesome space adventure/combat game, Star Control 2, where the Precursors are supposed to be this ancient super-intelligent lifeforms who seems to suddenly disappear from existence but leave behind traces of their technological superiority.

    Star Control 3 gave me hope when you find out that the Precursors haven’t left, but used their tech to devolve themselves to avoid some galactic destruction. Then it completely dashed me when the game revealed them to be…well…I was totally and “udderly” disappointed. The ending of SC3 also corrupted me and lost my faith in the entire series after that, since SC2 is completely pure awesome.

    SC2 has been remade in The Urquan Masters now if you like to try it out. It’s still fun, even if it’s a 20+ year old game.

    And thanks for the heads up on this one!

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  2. Alphast NETHERLANDS Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    I first thought it was mostly an FPS but then realized that they were real RPG elements in it. What eventually convinced me was the part where the guy gets in a mech and the space battle at the end of the video. I will try it. Even if my Russian is limited to survival sentences.

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  3. Adrian BELGIUM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    It’s looks really good. Only downside I can see from the trailers is that even Freelancer boasts more RPG and trade elements.. (But again: That’s just from the trailers, I hope my opinion isn’t correct!)

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  4. f20c&showtopic=966

    You can get the translation files of a lot of the menu items and such… the dialog will still be in russian… but its getting there

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  5. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    @ Mart:

    Let’s not forget the Precursors in Mass Effect. It’s a really old trope actually. It pops up everywhere.

    @ Alphast:

    Yeah, I’m not sure how extensive the RPG angle is. I saw a screenshot with the inventory screen somewhere. So there is at least loot management of some sort. No clue if they actually involve stats or experience points of some sort.

    @ Travis McCrea:

    Yeah, it seems that the fans are working on it. The quality of translations leaves a bit to be desired though. I saw a screenshot that looked as if they just fed the text through Google Translate. I’m still hoping some western company will pick it up, and does a proper translation.

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  6. Stone NORWAY Opera Windows says:

    The game is out in english now. Go to Gamersgate and have a look for yourself. I just bought it after reading an interesting Wot I think at, but haven’t had time to install it yet (downloading as we speak).

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  7. Yup, Precursors was officially released in English late December 2010. Here’s the link to it’s Gamersgate page: It weighs in at $29.95 currently.

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  8. Meteo UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Actually, the idea of spacesim and fps hybrid is not new. Look up a really old game called Alpha Storm made in 1997. You can upgrade your ship etc and board enemy ships in FPS mode, or be boarded.

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