Dragon Age: End Game Decision


This post talks about the end game events and so it will be full of spoilers. If you have not finished the game yet, I recommend skipping this post entirely. Unless of course you don’t care about getting spoiled, or Dragon Age for that matter.

I have to say I really enjoyed the twist at the end of Dragon Age. It was a very dramatic moment, more so because of my choices in the game. Depending on how you play the game, the last few scenes before the final battle may or may not be very emotionally charged. What got me the most was Morrigans proposal and her ultimatum. But let me give you some background first.

Throughout the game I relied on Morrigan to be my offensive mage. I used Wynne as a healer/buff specialist, my main as a tank and I speced Leliana as Assasin to act as my secondary tank and DPS. This worked extremely well, but Morrigan was always the lynchpin of all my strategies. Having two squishy mages in the company required me to do a lot of clever crowd control. I would always control Morrigan directly, and allow the rest of characters fall back on the tactics, unless I needed them to do something specific. I got pretty good at freezing enemies, putting them to sleep and otherwise cock-blocking their advances using magic. As a result, the bitchy, selfish witch of the wilds was my most important character in the whole company. If Wynne was incapacitated, I could still survive healing my characters with potions. If I had to leave Leliana in camp, I could still win most of the combats – I would just have to forget about opening any closed chests. But whenever I lost Morrigan things would become bad real fast.

Oh hai Morrigan, so nice to see you in my room. I'm totally hoping you are not going to betray me, break my heart and totally fuck everything up for me.

To put it plainly, I needed her. I needed her very badly. Without Morrigan, there would just be no final battle. Without offensive magic the Archdemon would easily walk over my party. Not only that, but she grew on me. Most people hate Morrigan but I sort of enjoyed bringing her along on all the missions. Not everything she said was stupid or annoying. Sometimes Morrigan was a much needed voice of reason. Sometimes she was just amusing, always trying to be as unpleasant as possible. In fact, I loved the scene when she admitted that despite her best efforts, she inexplicably fell in love with me and that it is stupid, disgusting and irresponsible. Then she gave me a ring that would allow her to stalk me, and make sure I’m not sleeping around or anything. Oh, Morrigan – creepy, evil to the core, but you got to love her.

Imagine my shock when she approached me with her insidious deal the night before the final battle. Actually, shock is a wrong word here. It’s not like I was surprised. It was a very Morrigan thing to do. I half expected her to do something evil at one point or another. So I was not surprised when she offered the deal. At any other time I would just brush it off and tell her to go to hell. But she picked the exact moment when I needed her. She knew that I had to give in to her, and so did I. There was just no other way. I fucking needed that bitch, relied on her and she played me like a pawn for her own selfish needs.

You see, at the end of the game it is revealed that only a Gray Warden can kill the Archdemon (aka. the final boss). If anyone else was to slay the beast, it’s soul would simply enter the body of the nearest Darkspawn and immediately transform into it’s true dragon like form and continue fighting. The thing was virtually immortal, and unstoppable. Gray Wardens however found a way to kill it. They would expose themselves to the taint, and become part Darkspawn themselves. As a result, the Gray Warden delivering a killing blow on the Archdemon would technically be the closest Darkspawn. But unlike true Darkspawn who are mindless beasts and empty vessels, a Gray Warden would have a soul, and could not be taken over by the Archdemon. Instead the attempt to do so would destroy both the Archdemon and the Gray Warden who killed it. In other words, the only way to destroy an Archdemon was to sacrifice a Gray Warden.

You as a player have a choice to sacrifice yourself, or Alastair (or Loghain if you spared his life earlier). In my play through I killed Loghain and convinced Alastair to marry Queen Anora. He was going to be the king, and preserve the royal dynasty and hopefully keep the shifty queen from doing something stupid. The people needed him, and let’s face it – I genuine liked the character. I knew I couldn’t let him sacrifice himself – even though he wanted to. I made the decision to kill the fucking Archdemon myself before I even left the room. I was determined to be a hero and a martyr – to die a heroic death.

Then Morrigan approached me with her proposition. She offered to save my life in exchange for a little favor. She knew this ancient ritual that would allow her to “capture” the soul of the Archdemon. All I had to do was to impregnate her that night. Do to the fact that I was a Gray Warden the baby would be tainted, and thanks to the ritual it would act as a vessel for the Archdemon. Upon delivering the final blow, the demons soul would seek out the unborn baby and enter it instead of me. Morrigan would then leave and raise the baby on her own.

This is probably the one time during the game that you actually should not sleep with Morrigan.

In other words, the Wicked Witch of the Wilds wanted me to help her create some super mutant baby with a soul of an old god. Some sort of an abomination hybrid, that would be not only scary but also insanely dangerous. She wanted me to allow her – the half-feral, half-insane, deranged, despicable evil bitch to raise this super powered demigod on her own. It was crazy. More than that – it was fucked up. There was no way I could agree to such a bargain. It would be irresponsible and stupid to say the least. It would cheapen everything that we have accomplished up until this point.

It was a cowards way out. No noble hero would ever agree to such a deal. It was like selling your soul to the devil. What good would it do to defeat the Archdemon and survive if Morrigan was to give birth to that same evil, and likely unleash it upon the world once again in few short years. Hell, the reborn Archdemon would probably be worse than the original. It would now have human form that it could hide in and years of tutelage under Morrigan that would allow it to blend in among humans. So naturally, I declined and Morrigan told me to bring Alistair to her room instead. She would try to get him to make the deal.

Fucking whore!

Seriously, I actually got angry at her for doing this. I really liked the idea of her softening up a bit by traveling with my character, and perhaps starting to appreciate normal human relationships. But she was determined to go through with it – despite anything that might have transpired between us in the past. And if no Gray Warden agreed to fuck her that night, she would simply leave.

Yes, my main offensive mage. The linchpin of most of my battle strategies. The one person I desperately needed for the encounter with the Archdemon would simply walk on us. Without her, we would die. Well, not die – but the final battle would be very hard and very annoying. She knew that full well, that bitch. She had me. I could either agree to her fucked up deal, or forget about ever even reaching the Archdemon and saving the world. She played me, and I could do nothing to stop her.

Reluctantly, I agreed. I felt dirty, betrayed and angry. Also guilty as hell. During the end game celebration I could not stop from thinking how fucked up this whole thing was. Everyone was congratulating me on my heroic deed, and thanked me for saving them. If they only knew what I did. I didn’t save them. I actually doomed them all. But there was nothing I could do. I had to smile, wave to the adoring crowds and play the role of the Hero of Ferelden for the time being. But I knew that sooner or later Morrigan would show up again. I only hoped I had enough strength left by then to fix my mistake and kill that unholy hellspawn we created if and when it became a threat.

Alistair delivers an inspiring speach, while my character feels dirty for making the deal Morrigan.

Few games have caused such an emotional response in me. I guess this is a testament to the excellent writing that went into this title. Bioware deserves kudos for designing such a deliciously evil twist at the very end of the game. This whole exchange with Morrigan is what did it for me. That one instance turned Dragon Age it from a good game to a great game. Morrigan forcing me to do this creepy deal is probably going to be one of the more memorable moments in my gaming career. Seriously, I can’t remember when was the last time a game actually made me throw my hands up in the air and curse one of the characters out as if they were real and could hear me.

Of course, if I chose to play a mage character this scene would have much less impact. As a mage, you I would likely spec my character for offensive magic making Morrigan completely redundant. Having her leave before the final battle would not be game breaking. Hell, it probably wouldn’t even be that meaningful. I’d probably say “good riddance” and just continued with my plan of becoming a heroic martyr. But that’s not what I did, and I’m happy that the things unfolded the way they did. It made Morrigan insidious, manipulative and truly memorable character despite her many annoying qualities.

What did you choose during that scene? Did you refuse her offer? And if you did, how did it impact the end game content? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Zel FRANCE Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    I chose to let Loghain sacrifice himself as a way to redeem himself, it’s the only fitting end. Alistair is still alive though unable to claim the crown (this was the boon I asked of Anora), and still whiny as usual (no I won’t let him join us so he can die instead of us !.. oh wait).

    Obviously the fact that you depended a lot on Morrigan for your battles gave her proposition an unexpected twist. My first playthrough was with an offensive mage and Morrigan seldom had an use in my party (mostly Wynne, Zevran, Sten), so I had no problem letting her leave and didn’t miss her one bit.

    On my second playthrough (human warrior), I took her deal because I was playing the ‘evil’ way (side with reavers, werewolves, templars, behlen and keep the anvil), and it seemed fitting to be the father of a god child and king of the country so that she meets a few armies of templars on her way out ;)

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  2. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    @ Zel:

    Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t play a mage first. :) I didn’t really have much use for Alastair in my game but he had some funny dialog. I really didn’t want to antagonize him before the end game.

    I wonder if Dragon Age 2 will bring the archdemon baby subplot back.

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  3. Desert Beard UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Good lord did I go through the same moral conundrum!! The only difference was that I was playing an entirely “morally sound” playthrough and didn’t have Morrigan along for much of anything (although I wanted to).

    What made the decision difficult for me was that I had a romance with Leliana, and Morrigan knew it. After I began selecting lines that were questioning and rejecting her offer, she played the card of how I was going to leave Leliana a widow!! She was right!! Was it fair to my woman to knowingly (…and… selfishly??) give my life for the good of all Ferelden??

    I burned a hole in my carpet pacing, trying to figure out what was the “best” option for my heroic, selfless dwarven Warden.

    I ended up talking to Alistair and convincing him (which is GREAT dialogue… “Okay, let’s go and get this over with.”), but when I brought him to Morrigan, it gives you the option of saying forget it. And I did indeed forget her proposal. Morrigan got angry and left. I brought the armies to save the day at (the Battle of Minas Tirith / Mount Doom) Denerim, and yes, subsequently perished. But at least Alistair knows that I had had an out and chose not to take it!

    Leliana, by the way, was heartbroken. The story was written that she sang a world-renowned ballad about her loss and then she left after one memorable performance, saying she will see her love once again. (What does that mean??)

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  4. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Linux Terminalist says:

    @ Desert Beard:

    Yeah, I talked to Alastair too and it was hilarious. But then he was so crushed by what I was asking him to do, I told him to forget it. I just couldn’t go through with it. Also, I really didn’t want Alastair to sacrifice himself – especially since I did all this work to install him as a king, and marry him off to Anora. Yeah, he didn’t think he would be a good leader, but I was convinced that he would do fine. He would lead the armies and she would tend to state business. Also, I didn’t want his “first time” to be with Morrigan.

    I also was in relationship with Lelianna and this just added the insult to the injury. I really felt dirty for spending the last night before the big battle with the evil witch instead of her.

    Then again, the ending was actually heart warming for me – but bittersweet. Alastair became the king, and Anora was his queen. Wynne became a court adviser to the crown and my character got Arl Howe’s land properties and settled down with Lelianna.

    You actually get to talk to all your party members one last time before you exit the palace to wave at adoring crowds who from now on call you “The Hero of Ferelden”.

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  5. Alyce UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Oh man, I’m with you, this rubbed me the wrong way all over.
    This just happened to me 10 minutes ago and now I’m just like “screw it”. I told Allistair he didn’t have to fuck anyone he didn’t want to.
    I’m so sorry you didn’t get your pity fuck, Morrigan.

    I’ve played straight through this game the last few days, and just like you, I put a lot of responsibility on Morrigan to hold the line.
    Now she goes and lets me down when I need her the most.
    What a whore. I came straight to google and typed “morrigan left me what a bitch” and came up with this.
    I don’t even feel like finishing the game. Hah.

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  6. Jim UNITED STATES Safari Windows says:

    wow, i didnt even get that edning the first time, i just died, and i chose lelianca for a lover, so that sucked at the ending, but anyways
    i told morigan to leave(i was a offensive spirit healer/arcane warrior) because she was a bitch, so i didnt get this ending till second time…

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  7. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    @ Alyce:

    Finish it. It’s worth it. The bittersweet ending that you get when you give in to Morrigian was quite emotional for all kinds of reasons. :)

    @ Jim:

    Actually, same here – I messed around with Morrigan at the beginning, but then broke up with her and romanced Lelianna. But I think there is a glitch in the game (or maybe it’s intentional) that if you keep giving presents to Morrigan she can still fall in love with you even after you break up with her.

    So Morrigan actually confessed her love to me and gave me that creepy stalker ring (funny scene actually) while I was shagging up with the bard girl. :)

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  9. Loving Morrigan AUSTRALIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I actually really liked Morrigan! If you consider that she was raised without human company (other than Flemeth, which you can’t count) and totally brought up under the influence of a Maleficar (who taught her what was right/wrong) she’s actually very nice. She’s just suspicious and shy with a huge front to protect her heart. Most of the time she was the sensible voice. I love her she won’t be decieved by fade demons. The girl is razor sharp.

    I used her in my main party. I was a rogue (more lethal than a warrior if well built, I found! 70+ per hit backstab & much faster). I had Wynne for healing (bloodmage- via unlock cheat, I didn’t negotiate with the demon), myself (assassin duelist rogue), Alistair (templer/reaver – again via unlock, I didn’t want to make Wynne leave) and Morrigan (arcane/bloodmage – raven respec to get rid of useless shapeshifter).

    Morrigan was by far my weakest regular party member. I mainly used her to dish out the big crowd control spells at the start of a fight and then didn’t worry too much if she died and Wynne had to resurrect other people as higher priority.

    So I essentially played a good character. I used mods to unlock the specs that I’d have to be bad to unlock. I made all the good moral choices up until Morrigan made her offer.


    – It’s all about Dragon Age: (sequel to origins). You can always restore to a save point just before the offer and try all the endings, so you should only care about your decisions in the file you want to carry over to DAO2!

    – If you die yourself, how are you going to play the sequel? Mass Effect 2 also lets you have an ending where you die (albeit that’s a failure ending). Bioware has leaked that you will not be able to play ME3 with that file. This is probably the same.

    – If you let Alistair die, that’s contect you will miss out on in ME3

    – If Morrigan doesn’t get her own way, she probably won’t do much in the sequel since she’ll dislike you. She could show up as an enemy, but I’m guessing she’s a smaller feature if present at all.

    – If Morrigan gets to have this god mutant baby (original poster forgot that Morrigan explained the baby will be an Old God, not an Archdemon, if you believe her… but I haven’t found her to lie then for sure that will add content to the next game! I want to see what happens with the god. I’m guessing Morrigan either uses it to bind Flemeth into it somehow (maybe under her control) or else she “does a Flemeth” and kills her baby to steal it’s all powerful god body. Whatever the story it will be added content!

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  10. Loving Morrigan AUSTRALIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    oh and I forgot to add. What an awesome twist for the male characters (I was female, married Alistair. He screws Morrigan and I, his girlfriend, had to tell him to do it! Lucky I’d already popped his cherry).

    By awesome twist for the guys, I mean that not only did you give Morrigan everything she wanted, when she was possibly already in love with you, but you are the father of her god baby! That’s going to allow for some awesome storylines in the sequal. I’m guessing Morrigan wants power and uses some evil intent with this baby to get it, but she’s going to have a big soft spot for the demon mutants’ Daddy! They could do sooo much with that!

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  11. Jordan UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I played through the whole thing as a girl. I had a relationship with Allistair and I more or less screwed myself over by killing Loghain at Allistair’s request, (without the knowledge that he could be the very sacrifice I needed). Then, I furthermore screwed myself over by refusing Morrigan’s offer because I got too emotionally involved in the game. So anyways, I got to that point today, and I got interrupted before I could beat the Archdemon and I don’t know how it ends, but I’m pretty sure either I’m gonna die or Alistair is gonna die. If there’s a Dragon Age 2, and the file will carry over, I’ll just go through the game again and beat it the way I want things to be in the new file, I suppose.

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  12. Alan ARGENTINA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I found Morrigan’s character quite fascinating…
    yes she was a manipulative heartless bitch, but still really intresting character.
    She is very practical, thats the way i played as well, neither as a good or a completely bad guy, just got the best out of each situation.
    I basically always decided the choices that would give me the most productive result (items, money, power, lvl, or even relationship points with the characters i needed).
    Morrigan was a key member of my party, I was a damage dealer mage, (55% of the total party damage according to the hero accomplishments stats, to be precise… quite a bit!) But completely defenseless if enemies reached me.
    I used Sten or the dwarf as tanks, and Leliana as ranged archer and chest opener, (I never had Wyyn because i kill her without knowing she could be part of my party, and more over, a HEALER!, damn!, that was a really bad choice, my battles would have been far easier, but I still manage quite well)
    Morrigan played a key part in the party, by controlling the battlefield. I built her with most of the curses, paralysis, stun spells, etc fitted for such a wicked snake. I could end a battle just with her and my mage, sometimes even just her. But if she was killed, then i was fucked.
    As to the part of her proposition, I fucked her good, didnt even doubt it, I will prbably find this semi-god mutant child in dragon age 2, and im really looking forward to it!
    I think It was an intresting turn, and i wasnt going to let it pass by refusing her, it is obvious that the child would be important in dragon age 2, why would i miss that? Anyway, i loved the game, im probbaly playing again with a warrior type char this time… (wont kill the healer now, thats for sure lol)

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  13. shadowpiranha Google Chrome Windows says:

    Oh, God, this decision. I literally sat in front of my laptop for a good fifteen minutes to half an hour. My character was (is, still playing through the end battle) set to marry Alistair, they’re all lovey dovey and cute (somewhere along the way she developed an actual personality that is quite like his, though she seems to enjoy leadership much more than he does) and I really did NOT want either of them to die, for many reasons. One, the obvious attachment. Two, because then there would be no King…again. And three, because in character importing I trust. I love it. I want it. She cannot die.

    So, I accepted, cringing all over the place, and through my Warden’s amazing powers of persuasion he agreed to it. And it’s funny, because in all conversations with Morrigan from then on, it’s like both characters have an unspoken understanding of just what a troublesome devil child he/she will be, and how my Warden WILL kill it and Morrigan if need be.

    …I hope it’s needed in the future, good Lord do I like the idea.

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  14. Arrow RUSSIAN FEDERATION Mozilla Firefox SuSE Linux says:

    I played a female mage, deeply in love with Alistair and always doing The Right Thing. Oh, was there really any option for me than to die??? Actually, around the Landsmeet, when I realised things were not going to be happy for my character, I read spoilers so that I could do the right choice… Well, I just couldn’t decide for a couple of days! And then I finally decided not to be a hero, put Anora to rule, accept Morrigan’s offer and just be happy with a love of my life. It is a game, right? No need to always do The Right Thing.
    But, well, obviously for my character that was life, not game. She just … did what she felt was right, not what I was planning for her. So here am I – dead, Alistair is king. Hope he will find a good wife one day and will not torture himself thinking I could live if only he accepted to sleep with Morrigan…

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  15. billisutra UNITED STATES Google Chrome Mac OS says:

    I totally agree, one of the most compelling moments in any game EVER!
    I just finished, playing through my first time as a human male noble warrior/champion/templar [“Case”, in honor of William Gibson] and didn’t look at any info on the game til now (it was torture, but this moment was what actually led me to look at info online at all!); I took the most honorable path possible (i think) through the whole game, but developed my romance with Morrigan very early on. We bumped like bunnies, actually :P. She has a LOT of conversation this way! In my game she was also my offensive lynchpin, and i used her on nearly every excursion.Emotionally, i liked the dichotomy of being a super-righteous character who falls in love with the questionably evil magess. And I fathered the darkspawn child–it’s a no-brainer that it will be (at least one of) the central stories in DA:2; not to mention, I kind of fell in love with the bitch. . I also ended up doing 78% of the sidequests til now–after the battle i’m only at 55% complete and 114 hours; consequently I had a super-buff main character, and had my tactics pretty streamlined by the time of the big battle. To note: didn’t anyone notice the ballistas on the roof? You need a character with trapmaking maxed to repair them as they jam after a few shots, but they deal 50-130 damage to the archdemon PER SHOT. I used my warden as the tank, all up in the dragon’s grill, and moved the others around keeping the ballistas firing and fending off the horde. There is at least one ballista that will fire at the dragon in each of its various landing spots.
    Anyway, back to the romance. I *loved* Morrigan. I agree completely with the {LOVING MORRIGAN} that she is an interesting character because she is so consistent with her backstory–raised in the wilds by Flemeth, she lives by the law of the wild; a completely different moral outlook, like that of an animal whose impetus is survival, period. Yes she’s a viper–and a tarantula, and a bear, and an angry swarm. As one of Alistair’s more brilliant conversations puts it,
    “She’s beautiful and dangerous at the same time, like a, like a…”
    “Like a deadly storm? Or a poisonous snake?”
    “Yeah! Only MORE deadly, and MORE eeeeeevviiiiilllll.”
    Yet as our relationship progressed, she DOES start to soften–contrary to a previous poster, when I did some of the ‘goody-goody’ quests (like the anvil), and she would offer disapproving dialog, I had options that basically amounted to “Hold your tongue, woman”–and SHE DID, and I got no negative approvals! She was at 100% approval with me to the end, and she’d been there since about 33% of the play through.
    On our last night together, I stick with the “But I LOVE You” dialogs–I insist that I will go search for her, despite what she says. She gets really flustered, and I thought for a moment she was going to relent (again, this is before I’d read up on anything so to avoid spoilers); alas, she is gone after the battle. I had raised Alistair as king, marrying Anora, and was totally unprepared for the next set of choices I was offered–stay with him, rebuild the Wardens, wander, or look for Morrigan. My gut reaction was to tell Alistair I intended to find her–and you can SEE how crestfallen he is (part of getting him to marry Anora, whom I incidentally find twice as evil as Morrigan, and claim the throne, is that I told him I’d be by his side throughout). But he understands, and now I’m sitting in front of my screen, still on pause, shellshocked at the way it played out.

    One amazing story, in all regards–thank you BioWare!

    (On a side note, SCREW YOU EA distribution for *^&%ing up my DLC–I paid for the Digital Deluxe Download Edition AND spent 15$ for the other various extras on the bioware site, yet here I am without a single DLC on my computer. Why? Who knows? I went through the three ‘official’ ways to obtain it, to no avail. My profile is logged in, my content [achievements, screenshots] uploads to the ridiculous bioware social site, it even knows how many bioware points i have when i’m in-game and of course offers to let me buy more, yet it won’t download the DLC. I went through this crap with Mass Effect, 1&2 though I managed to eventually get it all. This level of DRM, though, is counter-productive and just plain anti-legitimate-consumer. HEAR ME, EA: YOU HAVE DRIVEN A LOYAL CUSTOMER AWAY!!. Next time, I’m going to get the game and all the content from a torrent. It’s simply unconscionable to screw your customers this way; instead of preventing piracy you’ve driven me to it.)

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  16. billisutra UNITED STATES Google Chrome Mac OS says:

    One last note: Morrigan’s ring allows you the option to go find the main character when he’s taken prisoner while helping Anora escape (if you end up there–I did both options as i’d fortunately saved the game before that came up). You can either escape on your own and use subterfuge to get back to Eamon’s estate, or send Morrigan and others to come rescue you, as she has the locator ring. I also had the foresight (ok, greed–i purchased the Ring of Ages for spell resistance, and kept that and the dwarven Key to the City to buff myself) to give Morrigan back her ring before the final battle. So she’s out there, somewhere, and I *may* have the chance to find her with that ring. When she gives it to you, you have a dialog option that asks her if it will work for you to find her.

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  17. Naya BELGIUM Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I player the game as an female elf mage (arcane warrior/ shapeshifter) and made no time for relationships (i’m an ass, no?) But it still shocked me the way morrigan betrayed me. I nearly had maxed out her approval rating and still she screws me over like that. I tried all possible options, but eventually, she leaves anyway. The worst partis that she wants a fuck with a dude after saying half the game that man are weak and that i as a woman had more gut than my other party members. In fact, she doesn’t sleeps with women, never.

    So i chose to tell her to go fuck some guys someplace else, and what does she do? She calls me an IDIOT. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing. I saved her ass from being taken over by that abomanation mother of her and what do i get in return? No fuck, No help with the final battle (wich was pretty bad, because i used her a lot) and she calls me a fool? I chose the option “i should have killed you long ago” but she just ignores that and transforms in that stupid wolf. I COULDN’T EVEN KILL HER!

    Yet, i love her XD. She’s pretty much the only caracter with the guts to screw me over, and even stronger, she got away with it… BUT, there better be a caracter called Morrigan in dragon age 2 cuz’ i am going to torture her as long as i can. I love videogames :D

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  18. TheMage UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I was pretty shocked at that plot twist. Actually I was quite livid at Morrigan.

    I played as a male elven mage (blood mage/spirit healer). Even though I didn’t need her, she left me in a dilemma.

    In the last half of the game, I used Morrigan less in my party and flat out refused her ritual request. (I would liked to have killed her on the spot. And I’m glad I let Flemeth live earlier. SHE’S COMING FOR YOU MORRIGAN! BWAHAHAHAHA!)

    I was expecting a fight, but was surprised that she just left. Good riddance.
    But I let Allistair sacrifice himself, rationalizing that he didn’t want to be king and here was his chance to escape that and be forever immortalized as a hero.

    I finished the final battle with Wynne, Shale and Allistair. Pretty easy fight.

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  19. Wired76 UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I finished this game six months ago and I’m STILL agonizing over the fact that I let Alistair sacrifice himself. I had (dumbly) turned down Morrigan’s offer, mainly because I thought the final moments of the game would have another deus ex machina that would allow both Alistair and me to live. So, I told Morrigan to eff herself. Thankfully, Wynne had some offensive spells, and I was mostly able to keep her safe and casting resurrection spells on Leliana so she could fix the ballistrae. It took me a few tries, but I finally got to the point of killing the Archdemon and realized Alistair or I was going to die. I spent at least 30 minutes agonizing over it. I wound up letting Alistair sacrifice himself since I figured sacrificing myself would screw up any chance of playing that character again in a sequel. It sucked, though. I played “Dragon Age: Origins – Awakenings” with a heavy heart every time Anora appeared instead of Alistair.

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  20. Rakkafier CANADA Google Chrome Windows says:

    Ya, I fucked her rotten. As a castless Dwarf I have no shame in it. She was fucking good to. I even did her sweet little asshole with my thick Dwarven dick. I made her pay for her betrayal, and besides, my intention was to hunt her down and raise that child as my own, just as soon as I get a chance. Fuck the pride of the wardens, Alistair is king anyway. You’re stupid if you think Morrigan wasn’t playing you from the start, just like that whore Anora who would have sucked Alistair’s dick just to be on the throne. After I find that cunt of a demon spawned witch, I’m going to feed her and her trollop of a mother to a fucking Revenant.

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  21. Rynn Google Chrome Windows says:

    I play a female warrior character, so mating with me was not an option. In my second playthrough I ordered Alistair to marry Anora, and he was NOT happy about that. I expected that he would reject the offer, but it was surprisingly easy to get him to accept it. I should say that I used Morrigan (toward the end) as a protector, and she was phenomenal.

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  22. Leanne Safari Mac OS says:

    @ Jordan: Exact same situation as me. I got way too involved and now i’m actually depressed over it. I hope the next game I can be me and still carry over the relationship I had.

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  23. Taliesyn UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    My first playthrough, the PC was a two-handed warrior. The rest of the party was Alistair, Leliana (as archer), and Wynn (healer with crowd control spells). While as a player, I thought Morrigan was interesting, my character had little use for her and told her to bugger off. The only difficult fight was the Archdemon, and that only because I really didn’t have the tactics down too well (it never occurred to me to use them to force the party to focus fire, so they kept splitting off to kill darkspawn). Still, after a little beatdown a few ballista bolts to the dragon, I wound up taking one for the team, leaving Alistair to rule the kingdom. It was in character for him to sacrifice his life to do the right thing, and the funeral was…moving. Of course, my next playthrough, my PC romanced Morrigan, making it a much easier decision. :-)

    It looks like the story of the Warden is over for now, though, since DA2 features Hawke instead of him/her. Maybe we’ll see the warden again in DA3.

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  24. Silverdrake UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    I was playing as a female elf mage. I’d broken off my relationship with Alistair when Zevran came along, but we were still good friends, so I convinced him to sleep with Morrigan. It didn’t give me any qualms at all. I liked Morrigan. We’re both apostates and couldn’t stand Leliana’s Chantry crap. I thought it was cool that Morrigan was going to have a god-child, and I fully expected it to be the hero of DA2. What a disappointment, but I’m crossing my fingers for DA3. Alistair married Anora and ate a lot of cheese, judging by his appearance in DA2, and Zevran and I went off to Warden’s Keep. Pretty cool. I didn’t think Gray Wardens could have children, so it gave me hope that Zev and I could have some little crazy elf kids.

    I don’t recall the final battle being particularly tough. I could deal a hell of a lot of damage at that point. Mages might be overpowered at the end of the game, but it makes up for all the wimpiness in the beginning.

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  25. JAMES STRIDER SAMOA Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ Zel:

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  26. JAMES STRIDER SAMOA Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ Desert Beard:

    It means shes going to see him when she dies, but thats not gonna happen any time soon, you’ll see her again in the second part of the game which I should say was boring, nice choice of ending man.

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  27. JAMES STRIDER SAMOA Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ Alyce:

    If you do it right it can be very emotional and you’ll feel good about what you did in the end.

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  28. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:



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  29. ice cold lies UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    hi i have a question ” Alystor broke up with me and i said i cant do this or watever is there still a chance we end up together?

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  30. Kerry Le Blanc UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Then you will love playing Witch Hunt if you done it already, poor Morrigan you have to read between the lines, and all the conversation with both her and Alistair, the fact they don’t like each other, when she insulted him she stating what she really thought of him. As to Alistair, unless you harden him if you not a noble he’ll dump you, harden him then suggest he keep on the side as his mistress

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  31. Vex UNITED STATES Netscape Navigator says:

    My playthroughs have been strange on my very first one i thought i was good then she did that and DLC was out and i didn’t want to be an some random Warden from Orlais plus i loved my character and i am a trophy hunter so i just needed him to survive since then ive tried out every possible ending i can think of and i think surviving is a better choice because in DA Inquisition i think we will see a cameo of our beautiful sexy possibly maimed Warden badass

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  32. Darksider the first NETHERLANDS Google Chrome Windows says:

    so i played the game as a male warrior character and my character fell in love with morrigan and i also like alistair as some kind best buddy in the game and my dog but when you’re at red cliff castle at the last preparations of the blight i went to morrigan and she approached me that she could save me with a dark ritual i refused her offer then she said i should leave it up to alistair so i said that i won’t die and will survive and then she leaves when the conversation just when i need her because i only took oghren and my dog and alistair with me on my journey and morrigan was pretty much overpowered she was also my right hand in the game together with alistair so when i needed her the most she dis appears well i didn’t mind about that because my own character was almost like a demigod i only use duelist attacks and i have pretty much overpowered dagger and i have a some kind of longsword with some effects on it and i putted 4 enchantments on it but eventually i killed the archdemon in the first try. but alistair wanted to sacrifice himself and he was king so that was really fucked up but i just did what was needed so alistair sacrificed himself i survived but now comes to the strange part when i go to camp ALISTAIR IS STILL ALIVE??? only no morrigan as suspected and i can also use him when i gather my party. But can you get morrigan back in orgins or do i need witch hunt?

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