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Portal 2

Sometimes when you sit down to review a game you genuinely liked, you realize that you actually have a lot of complaints about it. It is much easier to nitpick, grumble, bitch and moan than it is to praise the … Continue reading

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One day we will be able to feel the Wifi networks

I usually keep WiFi off on my phone, because I feel like it extends the time I can squeeze out of my battery. The power drained by the WiFi circuits may be insignificant compared to that of stuff like push … Continue reading

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The Big Printer

This is the story of “The Big Printer” which was named so, because of it’s relative size. It was big, compared to it’s neighbors who were rather small desk printers, that became network enabled – mostly against their own will. … Continue reading

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Tron: Legacy

One word review: Meh… Although I did like Olivia Wilde striking poses like this one the entire movie: Yes, I’m serious. That is exactly my opinion of the new Tron movie. It was not great, but it wasn’t horrible either. … Continue reading

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Battle Angel Alita

I just realized that I have never actually written about one of my favorite manga series of all time. This seems like a grave omission. After all, I wrote about my favorite European graphic novel back in 2009. Time to … Continue reading

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Which Smart-Phone platform do you use?

As you may have noticed, I recently jumped ship and switched my Blackberry for a brand spanking new iPhone. And I would never go back. RIM phones just can’t compare with modern phones running iOS or Android. It’s like night … Continue reading

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Devil May Cry 4

I bought Devil May Cry 4 during one of these frequent Steam sales that are designed to separate me away from my money. Normally I wouldn’t waste my hard earned cash on a game like this, but and thanks to … Continue reading

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Software Immitating Real Life Solutions: A Design Trap

On Monday, I wrote an extended post on calculators in which I mentioned a common software design pitfall. I wanted to talk about it in some more detail because it is a fairly interesting topic. Software calculators are excellent jumping … Continue reading

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We are all geeks here, right? Most of us has mathematics/science backgrounds. So this needs to be discussed: what is your favorite calculator? When I was in school, I was a TI-86 power user. I had my trusty calculator on … Continue reading

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Touch Screen Gaming

Phone gaming…. Do you guys remember the time when this used to be an oxymoron? My first cell phone had the snake game… Actually, maybe that was my second phone. Either way, it was one of the first I owned. … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different.

Have you heard that Eskimos have about a hundred different words for snow? You did? Well, it was a rhetorical question really. I knew you heard about it. If you live in an English speaking country, you probably heard this … Continue reading

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Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Back in September, I wrote about American Gods by Neil Gaiman. As I mentioned back then, my introduction to Gaiman was via the excellent Sandman comics. While his novel was very different from the comics, I still liked it. And … Continue reading

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You are tearing me apart Lisa!

So I watched this again yesterday: This is sort of becoming an [adult swim] tradition. For several years now they have been airing this cinematic abortion on April Fools. In case you didn’t guess from the image above, I’m talking … Continue reading

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