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Over the past few days I decided to do a little “blogsperiment”. Maybe you will like it, maybe not – I’m not sure yet. It does mean more content typed and lovingly misspelled by yours truly, so I guess it might be a good thing.

I have talked about this before, but I see Terminally Incoherent as a blog about ideas. Well, that and about geeking it up to the max. But the two thing go hand in hand most of the time. When I review books and movies, I usually pick them because they have something interesting to say about the future, technology or geek culture. I usually like to talk about Science Fiction not just to keep up with my geek creed, but also because the genre is rife with interesting concepts. When I sit down to review something I usually ask myself:

  1. Is it geeky? Is it a video game or comic book adaptation?
  2. Is it relevant to my field?
  3. Does it say anything interesting about technology in general?
  4. Is it interesting, thought provoking and will allow me to segue into a discussion about technology and progress?

If my topic does not tick any of the items on the list, I usually drop it. Not always of course, but I try not to stray from this formula too often. It’s personal preference, plus I sort of realize that this is the sort of thing you guys expect when you come here. So the last thing I would want is to inundate you with complaints about silly comedies, or big dumb action ficks. I do make an exception to this when said movies include ridiculous “hacking” scenes because I find ranting about them amusing. That said, some things just don’t fit here.

But having reviewed bunch of movies, books and video games for this here site, it sort of became a habit. It is sort of a mental itch, that can only be scratched by me pouring about a thousand words onto the paper.

Like most people, I don’t limit myself to watching only “blog worthy” movies. I often venture out to see other things. But lately watching bad (and sometimes good) movies have been frustrating without having an outlet in which I could complain about them.

So over the past few days I created Luke’s Irregular Movie Enjoyment Log or LIME Log for short. It would probably be LIME Blog if that domain wasn’t already taken. Yes, it is an angry movie review blog. Not very original, I know. I’m not really doing this to become rich and famous though – it is more scratching my own itch, and hopefully providing you with some entertainment at the same time.

click to visit

I have no clue how far do I want to take this thing. I guess it depends whether or not anyone will read it. I might get bored after few weeks and dump it. Right now I treat it as a side project without any update schedule. Something I can work on in free time, when I’m bored, when I watch something especially atrocious or when inspiration strikes. I’m also still looking for a unique voice that would make it stand out. I don’t think I’m there yet, but it may evolve organically if I keep updating it over time.

Keep in mind that I’m not taking away the movie review category. It is here to stay, and I will continue talking about big idea SF and geek films just like I always did. LIME Log simply gives me an outlet to rant and complain about stuff that does not necessarily fit here. It is more or leas a geek reviewing mainstream movies kindoff thing.

So yeah, check it out, follow it on Tumblr, subscribe to the RSS feed and post some comments there if you like it. The site is locked and loaded with 4 reviews for your viewing pleasure: Unstoppable, The Dilemma, Easy A and Hard Candy. As you can see, none of these would be a good fit for Terminally Incoherent – but those are some of the things I have seen recently.

As usual, tips, comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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5 Responses to Introducing LIME Log

  1. Ron NEW ZEALAND Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    Added to Google Reader, im sorta keen to see where you go with it, quite enjoy your other reviews, mainly as a way to find new material in the most lazy fashion.

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  2. Jereme Kramer UNITED STATES Google Chrome Linux says:

    As a strange and backward person who prefers bookmark folders to a feed reader, I was surprised and a little annoyed at the drop down permanent title bar thing. Maybe it’s because I don’t like transparency without blurring, or maybe I’m possessive of screen space, but for whatever reason that bar really bothered me.

    I’d enjoy it if you also reviewed other books that you read — unless you only invest time in interesting thought provoking books and blog about all of them here. Also video games.

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  3. MrJones201 GERMANY Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    enjoy :)

    # If at first you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0

    # My software never has bugs. It just develops random features

    # Roses are #FF0000 , Violets are #0000FF , All my base belongs to you

    # In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows?

    # I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code

    # Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue…

    # The box said ‘Requires Windows 95 or better’. So I installed LINUX

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  4. Sameer NETHERLANDS Safari Mac OS says:

    Yes, this is cool. I find that there is a lack of independent geek-based Hollywood movie reviewers on the web. I think I’m going to like the limelog. The reaction photos are priceless!

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  5. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    @ Ron:


    @ Jereme Kramer:

    Sorry about that drop-down bar. It was part of the stock theme I appropriated and modified for the site. I don’t really mind it but I can see how it could get annoying.

    As for books and video games, most of them get reviewed here. This is probably because games tend to be a much bigger time investment. It is easy to pump over a hundred hours into a good game. So I’m usually rather picky about the selection, and either play games I really like, or ones that I can enjoy ripping apart here.

    Books on the other hand are intellectually engaging affair for me. If I don’t feel intrigued by the ideas, or taken in by the plot after a few chapters I often bail out. You will probably notice I have never finished Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn series because it got tiresome. Also, I can agonize over my book selection. I actually don’t like to buy books in physical book stores because it is slow and difficult to look up critical reviews on my phone, and half the time they don’t even have the one particular book I’m looking for.

    So more or less 99.9% of stuff I read gets reviewed here.

    @ Sameer:


    Although I’m not sure if there is a lack of geek movie reviews on the web. I was under impression that this niche is over-saturated already. :P

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