Monthly Archives: August 2012

A Brief Hiatus

I have not died. I’m still alive and kicking – just not on the internet lately. My digital output here and in the social media sphere in the past week was uncharacteristically minimal, if not nonexistent. Other priorities took precedence … Continue reading


Are you a Wizard?

As you probably already know, I have been trying to live more on the command line these days. I’ve been using Pine as my primary email client and doing most of my file management with command line tools, and stuff … Continue reading


Cheat Codes

Here is an interesting tidbit I stumbled upon when playing Red Faction: the game apparently has cheat codes. Or not cheat codes, but “cheats” nevertheless. This was something interesting, because cheats was something that faded away into obscurity in the … Continue reading


Red Faction: Guerilla

Red Faction: Guerrilla is a remarkable game. I don’t think I have ever seen a product with so many good ideas, all of which are implemented poorly. And it is not that the implementation is buggy or half-assed. The game … Continue reading


How to Organize and Prioritize

So I just remembered I have enabled the “Ask Me Anything” feature over at my little tumbleblog. For some reason I have never really paid close attention to Tumblr notifications, so I was kinda surprised to see that a few … Continue reading


Dear Eshter

Can video games art? This is a really dumb question. Of course they are. Or rather they can be. Anyone who would say no to this is wrong. Artists can choose to express themselves in just about any medium and … Continue reading


Video Game Protagonists

I touched upon this issue in my review of Dead Space 2 but I think this topic is worth expanding into an entire post. I’m talking about the astonishing lack of variety when it comes to video game protagonists. It … Continue reading


Dead Space 2: The Good Parts

Last week I talked about why Dead Space 2 does not work as a survival horror game. This week I would like to point out the few things that I liked and that I thought worked well. And no, the … Continue reading


Sysadmin Tools

Friends, Romans, Sysadmins – lend me your /dev/ears so that I can listen to myself talk. Actually, I’m more interested in you talking. So tell me, what kind of tools do you use in your line of work, or in … Continue reading