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Is iPhone 5 a disappointment?

In the last few weeks I have talked to quite a few people who are very angry at Apple for the way iPhone 5 came out. Anger, disappointment and strange amount of love for Samsung are dominant emotions during all … Continue reading

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What’s your favorite desktop environment?

I’ve been having a case of writer’s blockage lately – a creative constipation if you will. Over the past week I drafted about a dozen articles, and ended up hating all of them so much I couldn’t bring myself to … Continue reading

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Which Smart-Phone platform do you use?

As you may have noticed, I recently jumped ship and switched my Blackberry for a brand spanking new iPhone. And I would never go back. RIM phones just can’t compare with modern phones running iOS or Android. It’s like night … Continue reading

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Favorite Tech News Site: The Poll

Yes, I am aware I’m recycling content. We already talked about our favorite tech news sites before. But, we did not have a poll to see which one of them is the most awesome one. And yes, you can only … Continue reading

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Science Fiction vs Fantasy

I don’t have review post for this week so I’m posting a quick poll instead. Actually, it is poll and a question rolled into one. I was wondering which do you guys prefer Science Fiction or Fantasy? Which do you … Continue reading

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Favorite Unix Directory

Lion share of my writing here gets done on the weekends. Some are better than others in terms of productivity. If I can knock out 4 articles during those 2 days it really takes a load off my mind. I … Continue reading

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The Only Correct Indent Style

I know we discussed indent styles once before, but I figured we might as well do it again. This time, I figured we might as well make it a poll and see which of these styles appears to be the … Continue reading

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Fast Travel in Sandbox RPG’s and MMO’s

Today I want to talk about a very, very controversial topic – namely fast travel in RPG’s and MMO’s. It is controversial because most people have very strong opinions on this topic. To some people a fast travel method can … Continue reading

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What Programming Language Should we Teach to CS Majors?

Yesterday I went on some sort of massive rant about Java, and programming languages in general. It’s actually kinda ironic that it took me a little over 2500 words to essentially say “I somehow always knew Java was to verbose … Continue reading

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WASD, Arrow Keys or HJKL?

The other day I saw this: author unknown I decided we need to have a showdown. Which is your favorite movement key combination for gaming and/or text editing? Favorite Keys WASD HJKL Arrow Keys Numpad Keys View Results While we … Continue reading

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