Every once in a while I like to go to a store and dig in the bargain bin for cheep pc games. You can really find awesome stuff. I don’t really keep up with the gaming scene, so often I miss really cool games – so this is my way of catching up with the cool games from the past.

The other day I found Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for $10 at Walmart. At this price, I really don’t care if the game sucks or not – I can play it only once, and ten just throw it out, and not regret it. So I tend to take chances and experiment with these oldies. This game was not necessarily an experiment – it was an RPG with 3D graphics, and cool features. For $10 it was a no brainier. I immediately threw it into the cart.

The game is actually really cool. I’m wondering how did I miss this title when it came out for the first time. I think this was a pretty big hit back in the day.

You get complete freedom to explore the huge ass map, lot’s of weapons and magic items and tons of critters to kill. I still haven’t figured out how to kill the wraith things that sit in the tombs. I figured that ethereal beings will be vulnerable to magical weapons – so I got a magic sword. Still, I can’t even scratch these damn things. I also can’t barter for shit – I can only sell my items for like half their value, and buy them at higher prices. I tried sweet talking the bastards, but it never works.

I also get my ass kicked by anything that’s even vaguely humanoid. But then again, I probably played this game for a total of 3-4 hours over the past 3 days so I’m still figuring things out.

Oh, and I’m playing some sort of cat like race. It seemed cool when I was creating the character but he comes off totally gay in the game. Who the hell purrs when he gets killed? The sound of my character dying must be one of the gayest sound effects ever recorded in the video game history!

So anyways, if you missed Morrowind and you feel like playing a cheep but fun RPG game, definitely pick it up.

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