DynDNS Unreliable?

Please explain this to me – why I can’t access any webpages on DynDNS hosted subdomains (such as homelinux.org, ath.cx and etc..) from work? I’m sure it’s not a firewall or web filter issue because I can access the pages just fine when I use the IP. But DNS lookup simply does not find these adresses. Why is that? I just can’t figure this out.

The funniest thing is that my company has the static IP for the central server registered with DynDNS. Why am I having problems accessing the free generic subdomains from the same company?

I know I’m getting spidered by Google and I get hits from technorati every day so I’m just putting this question out there. Have you had accessibility issues with DynDNS?

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  1. Greg Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Yeah we have a similar issue. We create a dns account for VPN use, it works fine for a few days, then stops working.

    We update the IP on the website but then it connects instantly and askes for a username and password wich never works..

    Surely there needs to be a way that we can set it up once and not worry about it again, as our clients are far away and cant afford to drive to the site to constatly fix the VPN issue’s..

    What could be wrong? am i missing something?

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