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The other day I met a guy that used to be in all my undergrad Com-Sci classes. He just came back to do his masters here. We suffered through many horrible Edoh classes together. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned the antihokes story here. But yes, that’s a classic and Ed can tell it way better than me. Probably because he can do a flawless Edoh impersonation :)

On Thursday I popped into the CS Coffee Hour, and for some reason I ended up telling James that very story. Somehow we ended up googling him up to see if he ever ended up getting another job teaching messing up students at another university.

We ended up finding his hompage on pegasus. Apparently Joe Yun haven’t deleted his account yet. Oh well… Note how shitty the website looks. But that’s ok. None of our PHD’s at MSU has a good looking homepage – and that’s perfectly fine. Between research and teaching, I wouldn’t expect them to spend that much time beautifying their pages.

Dr. Edoh, however was a clueless teacher, and a clueless web designer. Please take a look at this site. Now take a look at this. Edoh never figured out how to use chmod :P And yes, you can find source for 90% of his programs this way – including samples for assignments.

// Fahrenheit.java Author: Lewis and Loftus
// Demonstrates the use of GUI components.

Comments are for whimps. Edoh apparently didn’t bother removing or updating any of them. Or maybe he didn’t know how comments worked. I can’t tell. He once convinced half of the class that java.util.Vector is 1-indexed instead of 0-indexed like everything else. So you never know…

Here is the password:


Oh, and btw – the applet takes you to this page. Page security == awesomecool!

Yes, this guy used to teach at MSU. I had him for CMPT 183, 184, Data Structures and Discrete Math. I used the class time to do homework for other classes, and catch up on the reading :)

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5 Responses to Dr. Edoh

  1. Matt UNITED STATES says:

    Hey man, i saw you on technorati under the tag “Montclair state University”. just sayin hi to a fellow montclairian.

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  2. ZeWrestler UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    if only i had robila for discrete math, maybe i wouldn’t have some of the problems i have now. even antoniou. can you imagine discrete taught by antoniou?

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  3. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Discrete math taught by Antoniou:

    “Whatsametter with you? You donkno this? How can you be in college? You havta kno this!”

    Theory of digital machines was rough. When I took his Grad level image processing class it was a joke. We really didn’t feel like learning, and he kinda gave up on teaching us on like day two. The rest of this was just bullshitting around. :mrgreen:

    Some people had major problems with the assignments though, but that’s probably because they didn’t know how to code. P

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  4. You don’t even need the source! ;-)

    $ wget -q http://[...]/cmpt285.class -O - | strings | grep http

    All of his assignments are in Word docs, too. This guy is a complete moron. How did he even get a job teaching? Or his phd?

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  5. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    @Chris Wellons: Seriously – no clue. According to his page he got his degree from SFU in Canada which apparently is not a bad university. But I guess their CS program sucks if they gave him a PHD.

    As for the job – I asked myself this question every day of my undergraduate career. In fact I asked the faculty and they would usually shrug, roll their eyes and admit they have no clue, or took the fifth and refused to comment.

    And yes, somehow he had a tenure. I don’t know – I think he was doing some “semi-interesting” research with mobile technology. I think at one point some of his students were building a cluster using pocket-PC’s using the IR links for communication. I never cared enough to actually look into it. I only know cause I knew a guy who was part of that project. The guy was a total slacker, and could not code to save his life. But he still knew more than Edoh. :P

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