New Caprica is a Dump!

Some comments on the Battlestar Galactica Season Finale last night:

Why the hell did Cylon’s send Al from the Quantum Leap to deliver a peace message to Galactica? Wouldn’t it be easier to send another Boomer or #9? Now humans know about another Cylon model… I guess this was supposed to be a show of good will or something. By outing their our own agent they wanted to show humans that they are serious about it… I think this was really stupid. Humans would be skeptical whether or not an agent was outed.

New Caprica is a dump! The settlement was a dumb idea. I would much rather live in one of those cozy apartments on Cloud Nine than in a fucking tent on the surface. What were these people thinking?

Wouldn’t a year be enough to actually build some normal houses? Or at least some sort of huts and whatnot? Baltar lives in his nice starship landed on the surface, and the rest of the population sleeps in crappy tents. I understand that the planet may have few natural resource, but come on. Even little mud huts would be better than the shitty refugee camp they built.

I also don’t get why all the people were living clumped together in this really poor looking camp. I mean, they have a whole planet for themselves. It’s not like they are running out of space. Why does the camp look so congested then? Shouldn’t the people be farming the shit out of the land, building settlements and stuff? The camp looked like it was built last week, not a year ago…

Sigh… I don’t know – I just had hard time buying this 1 year gap. I feel like we missed up on some good character development. What happened to Sharon in that year? Is she still locked up on Galactica? What happened between Starbuck and Apollo? How did Chief and whatshername patch things up?

I guess we will get to see at least part of this stuff in flashback scenes but.. Meh…

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  1. Yeah, the one-year gap is where I think the show started it’s decline. The first couple seasons were awesome, but after New Caprica the show lost a lot of its charm.

    By that point every character had done something pretty evil at one time or another, so I didn’t really like anyone that was still alive. The main characters were all getting married too, and they became boring afterward.

    Any television characters getting married just makes them boring, especially the women, who lose all character and become passive nobodies. In BSG, for example, after New Caprica Cally became completely uninteresting, and by the time she died I was thinking “good riddance, at least Galen will be more interesting now.”

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