Woke up this morning, got myself a gun…

Sopranos are back! Yay!

First things first – Medow’s strip dance thing scene was definitely to short. Was that a flashback scene or was this new? The whole beginning sequence was kinda funky, mix so I don’t know anymore. I don’t remember seeing it before though, and I can’t google up anything at this moment so I guess this is new. And I want more.

Could someone please explain to me the whole Burrough’s Western Lands quote? It went totally over my head the first time around (mostly due to distracting Jamie-Lynn DiScala’s sexy dancing thing). Burroug’s piece is talking about the 7 souls in Egyptian mythology. Here is the actual text:

The ancient Egyptians postulated seven souls.

Top soul, and the first to leave at the moment of death, is Ren the Secret name. This corresponds to my Director. He directs the film of your life from conception to death. The Secret Name is the title of your film. When you die, that’s where Ren came in.

Second soul, and second one off the sinking ship, is Sekem: Energy, Power. Light. The Director gives the orders, Sekem presses the right buttons.

Number three is Khu, the Guardian Angel. He, she or it is third man out…depicted as flying away across a full moon, a bird with luminous wings and head of light. sort of thing you might see on a screen in an Indian restaurant in Panama. The Khu is responsible for the subject and can be injured in his defense – but not permanently, since the first three souls are eternal. They go back to Heaven for another vessel. The four remaining souls must take their chances with the subject in the land of the dead.

Number four is Ba, the Heart, often treacherous. This is a hawk’s body with your face on it, shrunk down to the size of a fist. Many a hero has been brought down, like Samson, by a perfidious Ba.

Number five is Ka, the double, most closely associated with the subject. The Ka, which usually reaches adolescence at the time of bodily death, is the only reliable guide through the Land of the Dead to the Western Lands.

Number six is Khaibit, the Shadow, Memory, your whole past conditioning from this and other lives.

Number seven is Sekhu, the Remains.

– William Burroughs, The Western Lands

I’m to tired to actually do some proper analysis but I bet this is supposed to be some really deep shit right there. The die-hard Soprano fans should get cracking on deciphering the symbolism here.

I’m guessing this is about Tony’s life falling apart and him slowly dying inside, and getting more fucked up (and thus loosing his souls) or something like that. Although he seemed to really be doing well recently… Maybe this is supposed to be foreshadowing, or whatnot? I don’t know. I’ll leave it to the true soprano-heads to figure this one out.

I know one thing – there is no way Tony is dying. He is the show, so killing him off in the first episode of a new season would be ridiculous. Nice attempt at a cliffhanger, but we know better than this. :P

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  1. Jim H UNITED STATES says:

    I would venture that the Burroughs quote is used to suggest that the people surrounding Tony are aspects of his soul.

    The essential theme of most “gangster movies” is the attempt to leave “the life” – essentially to do what we all are trying to do – fine peace eternally. These aspects of Tony’s soul are what must be understood for him to find the peace he is seeking.

    Ren – the disinterested mother figure as director of Tony’s life
    Sekem – “energy, light” – Gene starting on his short journey to his “way out”
    Ku, the guardian angel – Meadow, the only thing that is “pure” in Tony’s orbit
    Ba – the often treacherous heart – the people around Tony will betray him such as Ray.
    Ka – “the double” – Tony’s son – another possible way out would be for Tony to ensure that AK doesn’t get involved in ‘the life’
    Khaibit – the shadow – Adrianna, the tragic figure – one of the many souls that Tony has dispatched from this earth
    Sekhu – the remains – the woman Tony has corrupted and will leave behind like Johnny Sack and Gene do.

    Also of importance was the scene where Junior is watching the Kirk Douglas – Stanley Kubrick movie wherein Kirk defies orders and refuses to follow a command in war. This is one of Tony’s “way out” – to violate that oath that he made Gene take and that he said committed one to life. Of interest is that Junior asks “who is it” and we see Tony come out of the shadows – Burroughs also quotes the line “Quien es” which were the last words of Billy the Kid.

    Tony’s journey is to understand who he is and maybe only then can he figure what it means to find that peace and innocence he seeks (the ducks versus the bear in the back yard). Interesting that the first scene of Tony, by the way, is him digging futilely for treasure in the back yard. Didn’t he also hide a similar amount of money in the back yard a few seasons back and then obsess over it?

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES says:

    Great analysis!

    Thank’s for posting! I knew that someone can make more sense out of this than me :)

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