6 Firefox Extensions I could not live without

Here is the list of 6 Firefox extensions I could not live without:

  1. Adblock – I do not consider Adblock an extension anymore. I feel that this is an essential part of the browser. Adblock is the reason why I refuse to use any other browser ever. This extension allows me to enjoy the web the way it should be – clean, and without blinking banners, and loud annoying flash ads. If you are not using Adblock, you are missing out.
  2. Session Saver – this must be one of the most useful extensions of all times (except for the king of extensions – Adblock of course). It will save your browsing session, and restore it next time you open your browser. Have you ever closed the browser window by mistake, loosing your long blog post or comment? Have you ever lost a link to a really cool website because of a sudden crash? If you did, then this is an extension for you. I absolutely love this extension, and it made my life so much easier – I can simply close the browser whenever I want and have all my tabs restored for me, from a cashed version – complete with scrolling, and data entered into text forms. This one is a must-have.
  3. Spellbound – spellbound is a spell checker for online text forms. It allows you to check and correct text in virtually any web form. I can’t spell to save my life, so this extension comes extremely handy when I post comments to other people’s blogs, or use online forms that do not have a built in spell-checker. I use it even on sites that provide spell-checking features – because my SpellBound is trained to my style, and contains a custom dictionary of geeky words that I use on daily basis.
  4. del.icio.us – as the name suggests this extension allows you to post del.icio.us bookmarks with a click of a button. The dialog box provided by this extension, replicates all the functionality of you get when using the bookmarklet.
  5. Gmail Manager – the ultimate Gmail extension. Unlike some other extensions that I tried, this on just works. It always shows the updated state of your inbox, and never “gets stuck” on some rogue email. In addition, it allows you to manage multiple accounts.
  6. Greasemonkey – Greasemonkey is one of these extensions that you either don’t care about, or absolutely love. I would die without Greasemonkey. I mainly use it to streamline adding technorati tags to my blogger posts. Until Blogger adds folksonomy tagging, I use a Greasemonkey script to add that feature to my Create Post pages :)

These are my favorites. Few others that do warrant a honorable mention are ImageZoom, Disable Targets for Downloads and Timestamp.

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2 Responses to 6 Firefox Extensions I could not live without

  1. Anne UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I tried Adblock; it was nice, but whenever I went to my Yahoo mail, FF crashed. :|

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Hmm… Odd. They might have fixed whatever was causing that glitch in the newest edition of the extension.

    Also, this could be caused by partially corrupted profile. Start your firefox in ProfileManager mode:

    firefox -ProfileManager

    Create a new profile, install Adblock, and go to Yahoo. If it doesn’t crash, you might need to delete your profile and start over again (don’t forget to backup your bookmarks).

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