Twin Sisters

Is it just me or is Haley Berry stealing Gigi Edgley’s Chiana look in X3? I swear, X3 storm and Chiana look like they were separated at birth:

Storm and Chiana - twin sisters?

If they painted Haley the same grayish paint, she could play Chiana’s sister :P

Can’t wait for X3. So far the X-men movies have been getting better. X1 was ok, X2 was better, so if that trend continues X3 should be actually a good movie. But then again, who knows.

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  1. hi storm i hope u red this mess/ of mine coz i really admire u most u r the greatest artist i adore hope ull send back a mess. someday im a nursing student in iligan medical center college. i watch ur movie cat woman and all epesode of x-men great hair u have there on part 2,, i love the way u r i hope i can visit in ur country one of my greatest ambition in life is to get there,, by the way im riel, simple im a designer of gown but im not professional i just love to draw wats on my mind one way of expressin my feelings,,, if god grant me a wish my wish could be this,, i want halle berry one of my fiend and i want to met u in personal,,, love u more projects to come to u and may God blessed us all,,,,,,, love riel,,, from philippines mindanao lanao del norte iligan city ubaldo laya

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  2. hi again hope u will reply to my mess. love u all the cast of x-men mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! regards to cyclopse

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  3. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Dude! What the… Seriously!

    Sorry to break it to you pal, but this is not the Halle Berry’s site. Hell, this is not even her fansite. I have no clue how did you mix up Terminally Incoherent with The Officlal Halle Berry Site.

    Just to clarify, this is me. I’m a dude, and I have no connections to Ms. Berry or for that matter to anyone from the X3 staff.

    I was just making a smart ass comment about how Halle’s funky hair looks like the hairdo that another actress had on another Scifi show.

    Er… I hope this clarifies things a bit.

    Oh, and btw – I rarely see people running Windows 98 posting here. If you can, upgrade to Win 2000 if your hardware can handle it. It’s about 500 times better than 98, and more stable than friken XP (which is a bloated POS BTW). Especially since I’m pretty sure that Microsoft already End of Life’ed 98 so you are probably not getting any new patches…

    Anyways, thanks for dropping by. The official Hally Berry site I liked to above has a contact section somewhere in there (I can’t link directly cause of the damn flash) – you might as well send your regards to her that way. :mrgreen:

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  4. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux Terminalist says:

    @ Kayleigh Jayne: LOL! This is awesome. Thanks for the link.

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