WordPress and Daylight Savings

One thing that was driving me absolutely nuts about wordpress was lack of any kind of support for daylight savings time. By default, you set up your time zone as offset from GMT. I live on the East Coast so for me this is EST which is GMT-5. However, due to daylight bullshit time, I’m actually about a hour off from EST.

Now, I could easily adjust this to show correct time, but that’s a major PITA! Every time we roll the clock back or push it forward, I would have to log into WordPress and change my offset. That is just stupid.

Fortunately, there are plugins to fix this. I just downloaded the TimeZone Plugin by Kimmo Suominen and it is working great! For the first time ever, I am posting from the correct time zone! Wohoo!

Note, by default the plugin uses the default TimeZone of your server. Since it seems that my host is located in what seems to be frakin East Bumblefuck, I had to manually specify my time zone as America/New_York. After you set that up, you are good to go!

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