Blogger Redirection

I just read an excellent post on how to migrate from Blogger to wordpress. It piqued my interest because I recently did just that. I moved my blogspot hosted blog, to wordpress on a paid host. So this was right up my alley.

What is really cool about Tom Sherman’s migration method, is that figured out a clever way to redirect hits from your old blog to your new one. In other words, if someone finds a link to your old blogspot post and clicks on it he/she will be immediately redirected to the same post on your wordpress blog. It is quite ingenious in it’s simplicity.

You modify your Blogger template to include a simple redirect, and then you use some PHP magic to handle all redirected hits. The whole thing is maybe like 10 lines long, and it works great.

So, if you recently moved from Blogger to wordpress I highly recommend checking this out.

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