was raided…

It seems that everyones favorite Swedish bittorrent heroes got themselves raided by the police. headquarters were stormed by 50+ armed policemen who arrested several people and seized the servers.

Apparently Swedish authorities still are still diligently working to find something illegal that was stored on those servers. Torrets are perfectly legal over there, and it seems that may get off with a warning provided that nothing is found or planted on their drives.

Of course you never know with the RIAA and MPAA types. Somehow they managed to bribe Swedish officials into opening an official investigation on the website so perhaps they are planning something even more sinister. Or perhaps Swedish government is tired of protecting a very vocal, and defiant file-sharing community. I would suspect that they get allot of heat from EU and US because of TPB.

That said, if nothing is illegal is found and if they can’t bring TPB up on charges this may turn into a big victory for the file sharers. For one, it would show the world that torrent sites in Sweden are untouchable under current law.

Also, TPB is affiliated with the Swedish Pirate party, whose servers apparently were also seized in the raid. IANASL but I think they could potentially make a big fuss of this. They could claim political discrimination, illegal seizure and etc…

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. One thing is sure – the Pirate Party will have tons of free publicity over this.

Update Sun, June 04 2006, 12:45 AM

They are back. :mrgreen:

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