AT&T 0wnz j00!

Surprisingly, the latest and greatest violation of privacy this week was not implemented by our beloved fascist republican overlords. Nope, it was implemented by AT&T who blatantly declared that it 0wnz all the private information about you. They also reserve the right to track all your activity, and do whatever they want with it. If you don’t like it, you should get out.

Let me translate this for you. AT&T is planning to install more of these secret Thought Police NSA wiretapping rooms and they don’t want to get in any more trouble over this. So yeah, it all comes back to the government. This of course does not mean AT&T can’t make good money selling your private info to advertisers.

This is sad… What happened to this country? Every day we are a step closer to becoming a modern Orwellian nightmare. One in which instead of Big Brother™ you have Big Business™.

I present to you “US Law in a Nutshell”:

If you are corporation:

  1. You are above the law
  2. You are exempt from taxes
  3. you have legislative powers via lobbying
  4. Your only duty is to hand over all the information about the unpatriotic plebes to the thought police

If you are a lowly mortal:

  1. STFU n00b!!!11
  2. respect the corporate authoritar (or be sued)
  3. corporations 0wn j00
  4. all your liberties are belong to us
  5. see #1


found via boingboing

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