Comcastic Saga: Day 5

Comcast Sucks

Ladies and gentlemen, we are currently in Day 5 of the Comcastic Saga. If you remember my post from yesterday, I had major internet connectivity issues since Monday. I had a Comcast technician on site every single day of the week.

Was my problem resolved? No!

Do we know when the problem will be resolved? No!

Can comcast give us an estimate on when we can have our internet connection back up? No!

Here is the rundown of Day 5:

  1. When I arrived in the office around 9:30 today the internet connection was up
  2. It went down within 2 hours since my arrival
  3. Comcast technician arrived around noon, and he swapped our RCA modem for a Motorola one. Why? No clue, but the connection picked up again
  4. Guy leaves, connection drops 20 minutes later
  5. I get on the phone with Comcast and ask them about that whole pole repair business (see yesterday’s post). The lady on the other side claims that the maintenance crew checked the pole, fixed it and closed the ticket. I explain to her that they didn’t fix anything because I’m still down.
  6. After 5 minutes she decides to transfer me to the department that deals with the line maintenance. She patches me through to Atlanta unit. Funny thing cause I’m in NJ.
  7. The Atlanta lady is rude as hell, and tells me to call 973-COMCAST to get to my local office. Funny thing – that number is not in service.
  8. I call the tech support back, and they inform me that the work order on the pole was not closed at all. It is still active, and scheduled for today. WTF?
  9. In short they said the work order is scheduled but they can’t tell me when they are going to come in and they can’t promises that it will be fixed today. All they can do is send in a technician on Wednesday between 3 and 5 pm. Other than that we just need to wait for the pole maintenance crew to do their job.
  10. It is currently 5pm and the internet is still down.

Is it going to get fixed by Monday? I wouldn’t count on it. They might get around to it Thursday or Friday – but that’s a big gamble too. At this point I don’t even know if we will ever get our connection back.

Thankfully, a neighboring company allowed us to plug ourselves into their Verizon DSL. So we got a new IP address, changed the DNS records and we are currently up and running.

I think on Monday we will start looking into a new ISP. Comcast sucks.

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