Senator Ted Stevens is an Idiot

Ted Stevens is an Idiot

This is very sad, but the people who make very important decisions about technology (ie. net neutrality) often don’t even have a faintest idea about how that technology works. Senator Ted Stevens has such a hazy idea what exactly is internet that it is laughable.

I can sometimes understand the fact that people choose to remain clueless about technology. It’s kindoff like the problem with gaining weight. I’m really not into sports, and I like to eat junk food, and sweets – so I do get a bit overweight. I know I should exercise, and diet but most of the time I usually really don’t feel like it. Loosing weight is a painful chore – but hey, it’s either that, or being fat.

I can imagine that people have a similar attitude towards technology. Some people simply do not like to learn new things. As a result, they become dumb and ignorant as the world passes them by. They probably know they should catch up with all the technology but they are to lazy to do it – so they choose to remain in the blissful state of ignorance.

The main difference is that being fat carries a social stigma so overweight people have good incentive to shed pounds. Being technologically clueless is not stigmatized (yet) and in some circles it is actually viewed as a favorable trait (as in “not geeky”).

But is it acceptable to have techno-idiots passing legislation that will completely change the way internet works? Hell no! It is like putting a morbidly obese dude charge of weight watchers. It makes no sense!

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