The Real Pirates


Every time I rent a movie from blockbuster, I am forced to watch that fucking dumb anti-piracy advertisement. Thank you MPAA for reminding me how much I hate your guts. I really, really enjoy when you shove your crappy propaganda down my throat. I just gave you my money, and now you shit on me. Brilliant! Simply brilliant! If I was a part of a failing industry, I would fling poo at my few remaining clients too!

I think that advertisement is the most hateful, spiteful, annoying thing in existence. It was only a matter of time till someone spoofs it, and make it into something completely opposite. I just found first attempt to take the anti-customer propaganda, and turn it into a political statement. Awesome! Thank you!

found @ boingboing

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  1. Nice video. I mean, really. Wow.

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