Comcastic, the saga continues…


If you recall, in June I had some major issues with Comcast at work. You can see my previous posts here and here. It is now July 23 and my issue is still not resolved.

I called them almost every single day since June. We had over 15 appointments with Comcast technicians. Only half of them actually did any work. For example, usually when they schedule a visit between 1 and 5pm they show up sometime between 6 and 7:30pm. Of course, the building maintenance guy who has keys to the room where the cable box is located, leaves at 5.

2 or 3 times the appointments were canceled, because the technicians have claimed that no one picked up the phone. I find that hard to believe because we are a business and someone always picks up the main line.

We went through 3 different modems, and 3 technicians promised to send in a maintenance crew to work on the pole outside our building. I asked around, and no one ever saw any Comcast trucks or people working on the poles.

Another company located in our building, also uses Comcast, and they had exactly the same issues since June. Apparently, we are both connected to the same line that goes from the pole to the building. There are also several TV receivers throughout the building that also likely use that same wire. To me it looks like there is not enough juice for all of us. But all the Comcast technicians do is to change the 4 way splitter that connects everything together. Each time I keep telling them that this is exactly the same thing that the previous guy did, but they don’t listen. They also really like to clip the wires, and change the connectors. The running joke in the office is that eventually they will just run out of cable to cut.

Another company was nice enough to allow us to use their DSL line when Comcast is down. We have been using that DSL line almost exclusively since June because Comcast goes down for 4-5 hours every single day. I wonder, how long is it going to take them to fix this issue? Are they ever going to fix it? Do they even care?

We have another technician scheduled on Wednesday. I called in on Thursday, and of course they didn’t have any earlier appointments. I talked with 2 managers, and threatened to cancel around 7 times but they just wouldn’t budge. It is supposed to be a “Lead Technician” who has more training and experience than the usual idiots they send. We had two other “Lead Technician” appointments in the past, but they were both no-shows.

We begin to suspect that these guys have actual Ninja training, and they sneak in, change our modem, and then sneak out of the building without anyone ever seeing them…

Surprisingly, I also have Comcast at home, and so far (knock on wood) my internet service was excellent. They are great as long as you do not need any tech support. But as soon as I have a real problem they will keep sending inept knuckleheads to my house for months before the problem gets fixed…

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