Generating ASCII Art

Recently I posted two impressive pieces of ASCII art. I thought they were really cool, but I doubted they were created by hand. I just found it hard to believe that anyone would spend hours on end, tweaking the color codes on font tags of each character of the page. It just didn’t seem possible.

It turns out that these images were most likely created using mosascii m2. How do I know? Let’s conduct an experiment, shall we? Continuing with the superhero theme, please consider the Wolverine image below:

Wolverine Image
click to enlagre

I have run this image and this is what I got:

Does it look familiar? Compare it to the Powergirl page – the zeros and ones pattern is almost exactly the same. My rendering is more chunky, because I used low-res image to keep the test simple.

Does the fact that these images were auto generated by a freeware application makes them less cool? Sure, they seem less impressive now, but they are still quite cool. And the good news is, you can create your own. :mrgreen:

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