Flag RIAA/MPAA Members in Amazon Store

If you buy movies and/or music at Amazon, please go and download this awesome [tag]greasemonkey[/tag] script. In the words of the author:

When visiting a product page at [tag]Amazon[/tag] this script will detect the ‘label’, ‘studio’ or ‘publisher’ field from the product’s data and test it against a list of [tag]MPAA[/tag], [tag]RIAA[/tag], [tag]BPI[/tag] and [tag]FACT[/tag] members. If it finds a match, even a partial one, it will display a warning ‘sticker’ to let you know that money spent on this item will be used by the [tag]Bad Guys[/tag] to harm your rights.

This way, each time you buy a CD or a DVD from one of these [tag]evil companies[/tag] you can feel genuinely guilty for supporting the anti-consumer lawsuits, development of new DRM schemes. Stop giving these people money and maybe they will get the message. Do we really need to kill our culture before the [tag]entertainment industry[/tag] figures out that they spent years diligently sawing off the very branch they were sitting on?

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  1. ZeWrestler UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    looks very useful, i might have to repost that.

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