Another 419

I got another one of the 419 letters. These just never get old. Surprisingly enough, this one was not typed in all caps. Apparently someone in Nigeria figured out how to use that Caps-Lock key. Amazing!

We are Diplomatic Corp that holds special and valuable
consignments for reputable clients that are honest and

We work in collaboration with top firms all over the
world as we have earned a name as a service whose
hallmarks in reliability and confidentiality are

International missions, Diplomats, Embassies of the
world have used our services to satisfaction.

Yaha… Sure you are, and sure they did. Whatever you say man.

A benefactor has mandated me to get someone that can
assist her and her family in retrieving her package
containing some amount of money from a Diplomatic Corp
in Europe.

The benefactor and her children have been confined
only to their country home and all their calls and
movements are monitored, as a result,its absolutely
impossible for them to do anything as regards
retrieving the money.

Their only means of communication is via internet and
you are being contacted because your assistance is
needed in claiming the funds on their behalf.

Oh no! The poor children!

The amount was accrued from Diamond sales over a
period of six years and its USD75M (Seventy Five
Million U.S.Dollars).
These funds are fully free of any liens, or
encumbrances and are clean, clear and has no criminal

The funds have nothing to do with any form of
illegality and all documentations needed to prove the
source of the funds were submitted when the funds were
being deposited and these documents would prove the
source of the funds and authenticate the fact that the
funds are clean and has no links whatsoever with
either drugs or terrorism.

No way! USD75M? Awesome!

For your assistance in this transaction,the benefactor
and her Children have agreed to give you 30% of the
total amount of money which is equivalent to US$22.5
Million (Twenty Two Million,Five Hundred Thousand
United States Dollars) and this role simply entails
retrieving the funds on their behalf from the
Diplomats in Europe and all the information needed to
claim the funds would be sent to you as soon as you
indicate your interest in assisting them as well as
providing the following information to facilitate the
smooth conclusion of the transaction..

1) Your Full Name: _______________

2) Your Address: ________________

3) Your Telephone Number: _____________

4) Your Fax Number: ______________

5) Your Mobile Number: ______________

6) The Name of the Closest Airport to your City of

Wait… You don’t want my bank account number? Cause I was so ready to give that to you. Well, sir I guess this must mean you are legit and not a scam since you did not ask for the bank acct in the first email.

Sigh… I can’t believe that people are still using this scam. I just don’t know how anyone could still be falling for this thing… But apparently people do, or else they would have switched to pishing and spamming proper long time ago.

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2 Responses to Another 419

  1. ZeWrestler UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Solaris says:

    They’ll keep doing it as long as they can make a profit. I’ve been getting a sudden influx of them latly myself. I’m curious if people have suddenly become dummer recently… *goes to for recent events*

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    People who fall for 419’s should not have email. :P

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