Lost and Numbers Stations

I’m still in process of catching up on Lost. I’m 9 episodes into the second season now, and I just successfully managed to hook my brother on the show. I think the clincher was when I told him that Michelle Rodriguez joins the cast in S2. He is now watching it from episode one. :mrgreen:

Then of course I had to stumble onto this weird recording. It is a female voice reading a list of numbers in Spanish. Now, these are not the Lost Numbers but it still is eerie as hell.

Apparently this is a recording of a Numbers Station. These are mysterious shortwave communications that are allegedly used to transmit encoded messages by various spy agencies (although no country in the world acknowledges using such techniques). Speculation is that these messages are one-time-pad encoded but your guess is as good as mine.

Numbers Stations were much more common in the past but shortwave radio enthusiasts often catch their transmissions even today. Who transmits these things? Who is the intended recipient? What do these messages mean? Weird shit all around…

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  1. Apparently this is a recording of a Numbers Station.

    ??!!! We do no such thing :) Come with me into this dark room and I will show you.

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