Two Disturbing Sounds

Here are some disturbing sounds that will haunt your dreams, give you nightmares and generally creep you out. What you do with them is up to you. You can use these in constructive ways – for example, I know that some game masters like to use music as mood building tools. Putting the Shepard’s Tone track onto your gaming playlist could create hell of a creepy mood for those Call of Cuthullu sessions. Or you can use it for some disturbing pranks – like smuggling the backwards musing onto someones ipod’s easy listening mp3 playlist. :)

Anyway here they are:

First up is the Sheppard’s Tone – it is a sound that seems to be continously rising or falling, but really doesn’t. Best description of it I heard was that it is the audio equivalent of a barbers pole – it seems to be moving, but it doesn’t. The sample I have here is really ominous and creepy:

[Sheppard’s Tone OGG Sample]

Second is actually a shortwave radio recording from a Numbers Station. I wrote about these mysterious spy stations in the past. The interesting thing about this stations is that they don’t always use a voice reading off words or numbers. Some use odd music like recordings. I previously linked to the creepy russian polytone sound [direct mp3 link]. This recording is even creepier – it is some music recording played backwards:

[Backwards Music MP3 Sample]

This one literally makes my skin crawl for some reason. Please feel free to link to your picks for ultra creepy and disturbing sounds in the comments. :)

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6 Responses to Two Disturbing Sounds

  1. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Coral Cache. It is supposed to be saving my bandwidth since the mp3 files are cached and distributed via their network. :)

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  2. New York University? Well I get a @NYU name on the owner of the domain name, yet running the guys name in a google search comes back a princton guy?

    What also is odd is that his last name is freedman which is usually a last name to black people since thats the last name they were given in the old days.

    Well… thats enough research for me tonight.

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  3. ^– the information on the domain name

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  4. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Actually, all you have to do is to google for Coral Cache. All the info about who runs these things is there. It’s actually a network of 260 servers located globally. And yeah, they are run out of NYU.

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  5. Starhawk UNITED STATES Mozilla Ubuntu Linux says:

    Damn dude that [Backwards Music MP3 Sample] is some ruff shit. I thought i might like it after all I think busting glass or running a chain saw is perfectly acceptable in musical compositions and hell i even liked Throbbing Gristle before there even was a term like Industrial and one of TGs songs is actually a backwards recording. But that backwards mp3 is too much for me, has me wondering what it says if ya play it forward, maybe “Jesus loves ya” or something?

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