Are You Clueless?

Take this 10 question [tag]quiz[/tag] to see if you are a [tag]clueless[/tag] [tag]luser[/tag], or a [tag]hard-core[/tag] [tag]hacker[/tag]. Please note that this post is filed under humor which suggests that it should not be taken completely seriously.

  1. What is the best browser?

    a. What is a browser? (-10)
    b. Interner Explorer (-5)
    c. Mozilla, Firefox, Opera and etc.. (+0)
    d. Lynx, Links (+5)
    e. Browsers are for pussies – I use wget and more (+10)

  2. What is the best email client?

    a. What do you mean when you say “client”? (-10)
    b. Outlook/Outlook Express (-5)
    c. Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Evolution and etc.. (+0)
    d. Mutt, Pine (+5)
    e. Who needs clients, I just telnet to port 110 (+10)

  3. What is the best OS?

    a. What’s an OS? (-10)
    b. Windows FTW! (-5)
    c. OSX (+0)
    d. Linux, BSD (+5)
    e. Amiga OS (+10)

  4. What is the best text editor?

    a. Word (-10)
    b. Notepad (-5)
    c. EditPlus, TextPad, Notepad2 and etc.. (+0)
    d. Emacs, Vim, vi (+5)
    e. Ed (+10)

  5. What is the best desktop environment?

    a. What is who? (-10)
    b. The one that comes with Vista (-5)
    c. KDE, Gnome, etc.. (+0)
    d. WindowMaker, IceWM, etc.. (+5)
    e. I don’t even have X server installed (+10)

  6. What’s the programming language you excel at?

    a. I can do links in HTML.. (-10)
    b. Visual Basic (-5)
    c. Java, C++, etc.. (+0)
    d. Lisp, Prolog, etc.. (+5)
    e. I only code in assembly (+10)

  7. Your favorite base?

    a. Ace Of Base (-10)
    b. Google Base (-5)
    c. Base 10 naturally (+0)
    d. Base 16 or base 2 (+5)
    e. All your base are belong to us (+10)

  8. Your favorite shell?

    a. You mean like sea shells? (-10)
    b. cmd.exe (-5)
    c. bash (+0)
    d. csh (+5)
    e. scsh (+10)

  9. You write your essays in:

    a. You dictate them to your secretary (-10)
    b. Word (-5)
    c. Open Office (+0)
    d. Emacs/Vi and compile using Latex (+5)
    e. Emacs/Vi in postscript format (+10)

  10. What is your education level:

    a. MBA (-10)
    b. High School Diploma (-5)
    c. College Degree (+0)
    d. Masters Degree (excluding MBA) (+5)
    e. PHD

Add up all your points, to get your final score. Compare it to the results listed after the jump.

  • below -50: Manager. Should not be allowed near a computer without parental supervision.
  • -50 to -10: Totally Clueless. Need to be [tag]LART[/tag]’ed daily.
  • -10 to 10: Somewhat clueful, and tech-competent individual.
  • 10 to 50: Geeky and proud of it.
  • 50 to 90: Totally [tag]1337[/tag]
  • 90 or more: Hacker Guru, and a Jedi Master. Bow down to him.

So, what is your score?

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8 Responses to Are You Clueless?

  1. Wikke BELGIUM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I have a clue, but i’m not a hacker.
    Guess i mostly choose the easy way to access my email and stuff …
    (thunderbird instead of telnet)

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  2. Dude Internet Explorer Windows says:

    If this is Question`s for a hacker , then the writter is like 9 years old.

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  3. Rub3X UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Heh good for a few laughs. Too lazy to add those all up though ;).

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  4. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    I initially wanted to make this as a form, and hack up some Javascript that would calculate your score and then display results, but I also got lazy.

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  5. Matt UNITED KINGDOM Safari Mac OS says:

    e. Emacs/Vi in postscript format (+10)

    I always wanted to be a Jedi. I better get typing my dissertation in VI so i can get that PHD before i’m 90.

    Bloody Hell, i could go grey before ever finishing a document..

    a modest 30… almost some of your bases are belong to me…

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  6. Fr3d UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I got 55 :D

    (it was 45 if you don’t count double answers, such as using IceWM as well as no x-server :P)

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  8. JuEeHa FINLAND Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    I use tenfourfox and handbuild links and lynx. I also like to surf around with gopher protocol by netcat and less.
    Pine is awersome, but I sometimes have to use the webmail interface of gmail. (On school for example)
    I kinda like OS X, but it is sometimes too restrictive. If I had to choose my favorite OS it would be either some unix clone or AmigaOS/MorphOS/AROS.
    The absolute best is vi and its clones. It is default on my linux boxes(Server/tinkering machine(100MHz Pentium, 40MB ram, 1GB HD) and desktop), my MacMINIX box(Mac Classic) and MacVim is default on my OS X laptop. I also really like ed becouse it can be used over very slow network links. (I have to control a server on my school over network and for some reason it takes around two seconds to send a single char. ouch)
    I love kde 3.5 becouse how customizable it is(I hate kde 4), but I dislike how slow it is. I usually run openmotif mwm or wwm. On my server/tinkering machine I either live without X or run tinyX.
    C, scheme, python, 16 bit asm(I have written multitasking OS using only 16 bit asm)
    I can’t stand csh and I have never used scsh, but it looks interesting.
    If I have to give document on ms word format I use libreoffice, but otherwise it is Vi and Latex
    10:I am only 14 years old

    If I calculate average of every question result is 42, but if I add all answers together result is 110

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