AP also labels Foley as a Democrat

It seems that Associated Press also made a “typo” and labeled Mark “The Gay Alcocholic Pedofile Scientologist” Foley as a Democrat:

AP Labels Foley as Democrat

Coincidence? Or is this an actual effort at obfuscating reality? You decide.

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One Response to AP also labels Foley as a Democrat

  1. StarHawk UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I think you’re Hilarious dude. And clearly it’s kinda obvious the kinds of misdirection the media spreads. yet such childish tricks only work on fools and morons. Sadly tho we live in a democracy and we all know what Nietzsche thought of the Common man. After all Nietzsche was right on that one and sadly such obfuscation may indeed have some influence. But thanks for pointing it out to me.

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