More Commercials during LOST S3 Premiere?


Is it just me or did ABC increase the number of commercial slots during the LOST season 3 premiere today? It almost seemed that each time they had a fade to black we were treated to a new ad segment. It was annoying the shit out of me. But then again, I just recently finished watching all the episodes on DVD so I’m not really used to ABC advert slot scheme.

Anyways, here are some notes I gathered while watching the show:

  • Jack is held in Hydra station which is not mentioned on the Blast Door Map. Hydra might be underwater… WTF??
  • Are the bear holding pens in the area marked KEV-4 (possible location of zoological station)?
  • Why did they decide to separate Jack from Kate and Sawyer? Why do they have a whole file on Jack but not on the other two?
  • The time on Jacks pager is 7:15:23 am. 15 and 23 are the numbers.
  • The crossword puzzle in Jacks car has some very interesting entries:
    • raft
    • heroes
    • essential fall
    • necessary evils

    there are more words there, but these seem vaguely relevant…

  • The song Jack listens to in his car is the same song that Hurley and Sayid picked up on the radio
  • Please explain to me how Ethan and Goodwin managed to get to both crash sites really quick on foot, but neither Locke nor Russo ever stumbled onto the Other’s little suburban enclave while hunting? This doesn’t make much sense…

In the end, I feel like the plot really move ahead at all. We still know very little about the Others and their plans. We found out that Jack’s relationship with his father was ridden with issues – but we knew that before. The only new info we got was the glimpse of the suburbs, the name of the Hydra station, and the fact that Henry’s name is really Bob. Not the strongest ep for a season premiere.

Lost Season Premiere
Oct 5, 2006 by Terminally Incoherent

Lost: Tale of Two Cities


Next week looks much more promising in terms of plot advancement, character interactions and etc…

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