Rummy out, Robert “Iran Contra” Gates in

Rummsfield Out

By now I think everyone knows that Darth Rummsfield is out. He has left the building, he is gone, he is history! Wohoo! Please queue up the “Ding Dong the Which is Dead” tune and start the celebratory gyrations! But wait, who is going to be the new Secretary of Defense?

Oh, it’s Robert Gates. Why?

Robert Gates? You must be joking! It can’t be the same Robert Gates who was implicated in the Iran Contra scandal! Right?

Wrong! It’s the same dude!

Please feel free to freak out.

Sigh… But it’s not like this is something new. The fact that Dems took the House and Senate does not make Bush any less corrupt or stupid. It just means that from now on it will be much harder for him to take away our civil rights, and usurp ditator powers for himself.

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